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PostPosted: 24 Feb 2018, 03:43 
Ninja of the Holy Chtchet
Ninja of the Holy Chtchet
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Joined: 28 Feb 2014, 13:38
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Blade: BTY Selebes
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BH: Xiom Ω Asia IV
Riot207 wrote:
Japsican wrote:
Riot207 wrote:
Giant Dragon - Meteorite 0.5mm is my current favorite. Can pretty much do everything I need it to do.

I am glad it is working for you! I am using the same when playing LPs. I think I'm keen to try it in 1.0mm. But I've been playing double inverted lately.


I've consistently been beating a couple guys around usatt 1900 at my club since switching to Meteorite, and have convinced a couple of my buddies to make the switch as well :)

Double inverted!! I'm quite jealous, I miss being a dual wing looper, but being able to play with no pain in my wrist is the best.

To be clear, I'm chopping with double inverted. ;) I have pain in my elbow from a previous injury, so if I'm looping too much, it hurts me. The bigger issue these days is my back.

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PostPosted: 24 Feb 2018, 21:22 
Modern Chiseler.
Modern Chiseler.
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Joined: 05 Oct 2007, 06:49
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Blade: Dr N. Barricade
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I go back and forth between Grass DTecS and Agenda.


The MNNB Blog has had some pretty amazing stuff lately. Just click this text to check it out.
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PostPosted: 25 Feb 2018, 12:13 
Super User

Joined: 24 Apr 2011, 11:24
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Blade: Innershield ZLF
FH: Chop-City!
BH: Curl P-4 OX
My current favorite is curl PH in OX -- though to be fair I haven't tried the sponge versions... at this point I have no desire to.

It has low enough spin sensitivity to return basically all serves with ease, once you learn the stroke mechanics. It has a lot more grip than something like d.techs or badman reloaded, so you can't just stick PH out there and return everything. Heavy spin in one direction or the other will require a change to your stroke.

It can attack back spin very well, along with no spin balls and even top spin balls. To me it is meant as an all-around attacking sort of pip. Active strokes work best and you can really hit well with it against virtually all kinds of balls (aside from perhaps heavy heavy, slow top spins).

When off the table, it can impart some spin when chopping dead balls and does a decent job reversing spin against loops. You can add side spin and give back no spin balls.

Dead ball serves are not a problem.


-Not a ton of reversal, so passive blocking is out! The returns are slow and predictable.

-Hard, stiff pips aren't as chop friendly as some.... though they do work

-More sensitive to angles, and must be played actively or returns (unless well placed) are generally lacking in danger

Innershield zlf
Tenergy 80 fx 1.7
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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2018, 03:34 
Full member

Joined: 13 Aug 2014, 22:20
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They all stand out, and are my TOP 3 favorites ;)

SpinLord Stachelfeuer OX
Andro HD 2,0

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2018, 08:05 
Senior member

Joined: 29 Dec 2012, 03:21
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Since the frictionless ban hundreds of long pimples have been produced with many manufacturers claiming this is the one that will be the one to replace the frictionless rubber. Nonsense. Nothing will replace and with the new ball a new long pimple play is necessary if you are to compete at the highest league level. Can’t rely on the reversal or disturbance to win enough points to succeed, chop blocks, blocks close to table, mid distance which every long pimple style is used. I use long pimples on my forehand this in itself is unusual but I also play aggressive with fast flat hits.
Meteorite or
On a Dr N special blade

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2018, 18:04 
New Member
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Joined: 30 Nov 2016, 20:37
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Blade: Levi Combi
FH: Spinlord Waran 2.0
BH: SpinLord Dornenglanz OX
SpinLord Dornenglanz

Grass D.Tecs

SpinLord Waran // Levi Combi // SpinLord Dornenglanz
SpinLord Waran // Dr Neubauer Kung Fu // Tibhar Grass D.tecs

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2018, 10:04 
My Precious
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Joined: 25 May 2012, 20:02
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Blade: Trinity Carbon
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Veres Adrian wrote:
SpinLord Dornenglanz

Grass D.Tecs

I'm with Veres SpinLord Dornenglanz OX really works for me :up: :party:

Setup 1: Blade: TSP Trinity Carbon | Joola Golden Tango black 1.8mm FH & Spinlord Dornenglanz OX red BH
Setup 2: Blade: TSP Trinity Carbon | Joola Golden Tango black 1.8mm FH & Jengking OX red BH
Setup 3: Blade: TSP Trinity Carbon | Victas V > 01 Limber black 1.8mm FH & Death Metal TT OX red BH
Setup 4: Blade: TSP Trinity Carbon |Spinlord Tanuka black 1.8mm FH & Spinlord Dornenglanz OX red BH

See the ball, be the ball...

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