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TSP curl P-1 bamboo
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Author:  haggisv [ 28 Feb 2007, 18:14 ]
Post subject:  TSP curl P-1 bamboo

Mathias had kindly send me this rubber to try. I've just glued this onto my blade. Here is a closeup of the pips:


I've had a brief hit with it against the ball machine. It seems to have very good spin reversal on soft strokes, and good grip when brushed harder. Looks very promising so far. More later...

Author:  Mathias [ 04 Mar 2007, 00:07 ]
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Its worth everyone keeping their eyes on this review by Haggisv. I'll not saying anything for now about this rubber and wait and see what Haggisv says.

It is a very old sheet however and I did ask Haggisv not to be critical (I like this rubber). Suffice to say 'it is dangerous'.

I've a theory about this rubber and I'd like to see if it fits with Haggisv's review. It is important with the long pip ban, its clear whether Bamboo will fall or not. If it didn't then its would be one of the new generation frictionless pips - it isn't regarded as frictionless at present.

Author:  haggisv [ 04 Mar 2007, 07:14 ]
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Well after those comment I had to pull my finger out and do some work :lol:

Review TSP Curl P-1 Bamboo OX black, blade Stiga Energy wood

Physical Inspection
Since Mathias kindly let me try his used sheet, I can’t say how good this sheet looks new. I’m quite sure that, like every other TSP rubber, it would look of very high quality. The pimples don't look that unusual, with rough tips, but have a very slippery feel to it when you run your finger across to very lighly. Rub as little harder and you can feel a fair bit of grip.

Receiving serves
For return of serves, this LP rubber was amazing and much better than I expected. On light touch the spin reversal was great, and quite slow. I could return the ball real short. Brushing a little harder I could feel a little grip, which allowed me to keep the ball real low with good control and precision. The harder you brush it the more sensitive it becomes to incoming spin, so you need to adjust for this.

Passive blocking produces fairly dead balls with perhaps a little spin reversal. More aggressive blocks worked quite well with the rubber, as it appears to be able to generate a slight bit of topspin. Chop-block produced excellent backspin.
Hitting with this LP rubber was very good too. It seemed very insensitive to incoming spin, and came of fast. I was surprised how consistent I could do this.

I found this rubber very good for chopping too. Somehow the rubber did not give me as hard a feel as most other OX LP rubbers give me. It felt quite slow, but with very good control and very good spin reversal. It was much easier to keep the ball short and low with this rubber. Chopping sideways was also very effective producing very awkward bounching balls. I found it not as easy to vary the amount of spin on this rubber, it was a little harder to produce floaters.

Attacking backspin
Attacking backspin was fairly easy but nothing too special. Decent spin reversal on these as well.

This is an excellent LP rubber, one of the best and most versatile I’ve ever tried. The spin reversal and control on light return of serves was almost SB type, which impressed me the most. The ability to do more like attack/punch the ball made it much more versatile. Blocking and counter attacking was good, hitting was surprising easy and forgiving. For chopping the rubber felt slow, good spin reversal and easy to keep balls low and short. It was not able to impart much spin on soft contact (like for serves), but when you dig the ball in a little there is decent grip to offer some control. There is not as much control over the spin as for example my favourite 955, so deception is not quite as easy, but varying the spin returned can still be done. I think it suits the more passive players more than the all out attack players, but this pimple can virtually do it all.

I will be trying this with a thin sponge next, and will report back here.

Author:  Diabolosyl [ 04 Mar 2007, 07:37 ]
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Reading this, I wait the opportunity you have to try a Monster :)

Author:  haggisv [ 04 Mar 2007, 08:10 ]
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Sorry about that speedplay!

I'm not so sure this rubber will survive the ban...it may, but the surface feels awefully frictionless... all depends on how they perform the tests I guess... Let's hope they keep this one on the list!

Author:  haggisv [ 04 Mar 2007, 20:12 ]
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It's the bamboo...

Author:  Mathias [ 05 Mar 2007, 08:59 ]
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speedplay wrote:
Can't find the P1 Bamboo, it's either P1 or Bamboo. The Bamboo is anti treated but the curl P1R isn't... Don't know what you have got there, but perhaps it's simple worn downed to frictionless? Then the rubber would survive the ban but still be illegal if the umpire decided to check it out somehow...

Lots of LOL! Sorry Speedplay when its new its better. :)

I'd stick with SB but again if it survives the ban this is a really great rubber.

I'm out of communication for a week but look forward to Haggisv next review because when its new there is a particular quality to this pip (with sponge) that I've never seen in any other pip .... :shock:

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