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 Post subject: Three Sword Zeus LP
PostPosted: 05 Feb 2018, 09:07 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User
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Blade: BBC Ghost
FH: Nittaku Moristo SP Ax
BH: Dr Neubauer Aggressor OX
I recently purchased Zeus LP in OX red and 0.5mm red and have now tested both on my BBC Ghost blade: An over-sized, stiff 9-ply Mahogany/carbon blade that was designed for SP.

Zeus 0.5mm was initially disappointing, producing wildly varying shots for no apparent reason, so I opted to quickly move on to the OX version which is something special indeed!

Zeus OX is the fastest, most offensive OX LP I've ever played with, and I think I've tried 95% of what's available on the market. Zeus OX in red is translucent and fairly stiff-feeling, with rough-tipped horizontally-oriented pips. Interestingly, the red top sheet on the 0.5mm version has a dusty, less translucent appearance, leading me to believe that this sheet was either over-cured or reacted badly to the glue that adheres it to its sponge.

In play, Zeus OX's speed is the first thing that caught my attention. I know that the blade influences an OX rubber's speed more than the composition of the rubber itself, but there are still differences from LP to LP when used on the same blade, and in that regard Zeus is really fast, and thus a great offensive LP. It excels at slidey BH serves and low, fast punch-drive strokes while still being easy to control. It also does well at the fast, low corner-to-corner topspin serve that can catch an unaware opponent sleeping.

When blocking loop drives, balls stay low without a lot of effort. Directing the ball around the table is child's play with Zeus, and thanks to its speed my opponents today were either failing to get to the ball or producing weak saves/returns that were easily capitalized on. My favorite LP stroke, the BH topspin flick, worked every bit as well as with Zeus as it does with 755 OX or Talon OX. And despite its speed and ability to generate spin, Zeus is quite adept at serve return, proving to be rather spin-insensitive on soft shots, though it did falter when returning dead balls when played (too) passively.

The only place I saw weakness was in chopping where Zeus was very touchy indeed, providing a tiny window for successfully landing the ball. Chops I thought were fine ended up unexpectedly netting or floating long (note that my OFF+ blade is hardly a traditional chopping blade). Do I like Zeus well enough to put aside my trusty Talon OX? Absolutely! As of now, this rubber is not readily available; even at places like eacheng.net. I found mine on aliexpress.com for $3.80 per sheet. I made the mistake of specifying the cheaper China Post Registered Air Mail delivery method and waited 10 weeks for delivery to California! When I reorder I'll be trying an alternate shipping method, perhaps EMS.

There is a 14 page thread on noppentest.de about Zeus which tells me this pip is generating some interest!

The (badly translated) marketing verbiage on Zeus' packaging hints at the designers' efforts to build a speedy, offensive LP. I'm posting a scan of both the Chinese and English versions in hope that a bilingual OOAKer can provide a better translation:

three-sword-zeus3.jpg [ 245.46 KiB | Viewed 1843 times ]

three-sword-zeus2.jpg [ 98.55 KiB | Viewed 1843 times ]

three-sword-zeus1.jpg [ 105.31 KiB | Viewed 1843 times ]


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 Post subject: Re: Three Sword Zeus LP
PostPosted: 23 Feb 2018, 11:49 
Dr. Chop-Blogger
Dr. Chop-Blogger
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BH: Grass Dtecs OX
I got a couple of Zeus sheets recently from aliexpress (Black OX) and just put one of them onto Sword 309 Def.

I think base sheet is really thin (also shiny), it took some effort to put it flat on the blade even with glue sheet, it was so 'wobbly'. Ended up with few air bubbles, but needle took care of it. Ribbed tops, and just by eyeballing it next to Dornenglanz (which appears to have smooth tops to me), it *looks* like pips are more densely packed on Zeus. Scylla has 'fattest' pips among the three I have in front of me right now, I think, so looks even denser. By the way, shouldn't pip dimensions and spacing be listed somewhere on the packaging? Feels like it is important for LP playing characteristics...

Hard to tell how fast it is, will give it a shot over the weekend.

USATT: 1884| League: 1930

 Post subject: Re: Three Sword Zeus LP
PostPosted: 23 Mar 2018, 06:21 
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Blade: Swaythling 5ply 70ies
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BH: Three Sword Zeus ox
Who plays with TSZ?


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