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A private video section - would you more likely share?
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Author:  haggisv [ 15 Jan 2013, 07:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: A private video section - would you more likely share?

Debater wrote:
8DTRGinrayz wrote:
Personally, as I share anyway, this wouldn't affect me. However, to upload to the forum, one has to have already uploaded to a big site like DailyMotion or youtube where there are tonnes of people that are potentially viewing so surely they'd be happy to post it here too.

8DTRGinrayz, YouTube has the option to set your videos to either

1. Public - anyone can see them
2. Unlisted - only people who have the link can see them or
3. Private

So it's possible to upload to YouTube and control who sees them. I've uploaded video's to YouTube and posted links to them on this forum so only forum members can see them.

I like the idea in principle of a video section but worry that it becomes a forum within a forum or a "club within a club" which can be devisive.

Yes I guess you'd put them as unlisted.... you can always remove them again as well.

I agree, we definitely don't want to turn them into little exclusive clubs, so it needs to be just for discussion of you videos.

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