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Introduction Myself
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Author:  Jamielopez [ 18 Mar 2017, 02:42 ]
Post subject:  Introduction Myself

Hello, i noticed i haven't introduced myself here!

i'm Jamie Lopez(Armenian origins)

born in 1994

i live in Bangladesh and practice dentistry.

i used to play a lot when i was really young, but in basements and like crap, then i stopped for 10+ years, then about 5 years ago picked it up again and got coached. my biggest struggles are to get rid of my bad habits and silence the voices in my head when i play

i have to say, i'm not too much of an equipment junkie (sorry at all the sellers out there) i like to find an equipment i like and stick with it until I've out-skilled it. (maybe i'm far down on the skill level and that why still not experimenting much with equipment!)

I've had a yasaka gatien extra blade w/ straight handle for a few years now.

I started off with 1.8 MarkV's on both sides, then moved to MArkV GPS, then to MAX on the FH and 1.8 on the backhand, then to MAX on both sides.

a few months ago, i decided to try the andro Plasma (470 on my FH and 430 on my BH - i dont like the 470, love the 430)

my next equipment "jump" will be to go to a slightly faster blade and maybe EEII-ing some dawei rubbers. (cuz they're dirt cheap!)

Thanks Everybody.

Author:  hookshot [ 18 Mar 2017, 03:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduction Myself

Welcome Jamielopez. :)

Author:  Der_Echte [ 18 Mar 2017, 20:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduction Myself

Hookshot for President.

Author:  sam992 [ 17 May 2017, 21:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduction Myself

Hey everyone! :angel:
I'm Sammie, I'm 25 and I'm a web designer at a programming company (Popup Maker).
Table tennis is my hobby, I'm playing like from the age of 10. 8)

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