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armstrong attack 8 or similar
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Author:  sali55 [ 24 Sep 2014, 23:44 ]
Post subject:  armstrong attack 8 or similar


This is my first post on this forum. I am 37 years old and have been playing quite long with breaks. My level is not very high, but still can be competitive.
Anyway I am thinking to change my BH rubber. My current setup is Innerforce ZLF + T05 + T05fx (bh). My style is very offensive and aggresive (maybe too much...). I like this style and I do not want to change it much.
But since I am not young anymore and do not have enough time to practise (only two times a week, but mainly match play) sometimes it happens that my consistency in Bh attack is not good. I am not fast enough to come back after first attack, so I rather continue with FH, and also long serves receive is very poor.
With my BH currently I try to flick the ball when it is short (t05fx is great rubber for that) or topspin when the ball is long, sometimes when I am tired :) or do not have good position I just push it with backspin.
I thought to change it to short pimples which will give me more control, better backspin push and block, but still be possible to attack.
I was thinking to have something like Ai Fukuhara, she attacks quite a lot with a BH, even when the ball is backspin. It seems it is not very difficult for her (of course she is pro, but still looks easy). But the rubber she uses Armstrong attack 8 is not available in my country, only attack 3 - but it should be much different rubber.
Any ideas what is similar, maybe flarestorm II?

Thanks for help

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