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Help!! Butterfly Short Pip Users!!
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Author:  LeeStyle [ 12 Oct 2017, 10:11 ]
Post subject:  Help!! Butterfly Short Pip Users!!

My question to Butterfly Short Pips users:
1. What are the differences in pimple structures of Butterfly Challenger Attack, Flarestorm, Flarestorm 2, and Raystorm?
2. If there is a difference in pimple structure, how did they affect the outcome of your strokes?

I understand 1.5mm sponge is more advantageous for blocking/controlling and 1.8mm to 1.9mm sponge is more advantageous for looping/spinning.

(Information down below isn't really too relevant to the question but if you want to keep reading go ahead)

I used to use DHS Skyline 2 Neo on my forehand as a forehand dominant penholder for 3 or 4 years. I did fine during block/loop warm-ups but during games I had a natural tendency to hit in a different style that closely related a flatter stroke (I used to play tennis so I think that was the reason).

I ended up trying short pips (Friendship RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out 1.5mm Black (cheap choice, recommended, and lasts forever) and i've been enjoying the game even more now (it has been a year now since I switched). BUT I have a problem or more specifically I need some guidance.

I will continue playing short pips but I want to start researching my next rubber sheet once i've fully developed my short pips game. I don't plan on buying products from any other brand aside from DHS, Butterfly, Stiga, and Friendship.

P.S. I don't like talking about the 'gimmicky' side of pimple rubbers since I think they don't really 'deceive' people. The part about pimples that frustrates people is handling the incoming 'jank' spin (#ZhouXinTong filthy long pimples chop block makes inverted rubber users cry lol). I played a long pimple penholder (not of high caliber or anything, just as recreational/intermediate players trying to get better) with my short pips and I wasn't afraid of the awkward spins (due to my rubber sheet). Maybe short pimples is the answer to beating long pimple users?

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