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BH SP technique?
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Author:  Pure Luck [ 06 May 2019, 04:37 ]
Post subject:  BH SP technique?

What's your technique for hitting backhands with short pimples? Do you use only forearm? Or do you play it with your whole arm? Do you add wrist? How about weight transfer? Myself I use the basic driving technique using upper arm with addiction of forearm. But I can't hit very hard and I saw people hitting backhands with a lot of speed. Does anyone have any advice?

Author:  ChasFox [ 06 May 2019, 18:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: BH SP technique?

What short pip and blade are you using. This could affect speed as well as your technique. My technique with short pips is wrong as like you to much arm swing but with a fast pip like Waran I lack control not speed.

For aggressive SP and MP play yes the correct technique is taking the ball early with a punch from forearm and wrist rather than arm swing. Have a look at you tube videos of Mesut Barkale and Maxim Cherepnin.

Author:  Pure Luck [ 06 May 2019, 20:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: BH SP technique?

I use Xiom offensive with spinpips red thin sponge. I don't like Cherepnin's bh because he always tries to kind of brush the ball. I prefer the other guy's technique but still he seems to be doing similar forearm snap which doesn't generate much speed for me.

Author:  ClausTrophobie [ 06 May 2019, 21:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: BH SP technique?


IMHO the backhand reference for smash ist Mima Ito.
Very short and eplosive snap with forearm.

Greetings Claus

Author:  ChasFox [ 06 May 2019, 23:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: BH SP technique?

Main problem for me with short pips on the BH with the ABS ball is that you need to be very aggresive to win points as medium pace shots seem fairly harmless. I just am too old with not a strong enough wrist to play that way so am moving towards more disruptive rubbers so as to be able attack with less effort and more success at my modest level

Author:  iskandar taib [ 07 May 2019, 03:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: BH SP technique?

I guess you could also watch Ito Mima… :lol:


Author:  situsit [ 13 May 2019, 10:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: BH SP technique?

I have been using short pips bh for 6 months now and still find myself using too much of an inverted stroke. Using forearm I do find the shot to be more controlled but lacking in power. Adding wrist snap u can get alot more power and keep the shot short and compact but I find I lose control or the bat angle changes too much and I miss hit. I changed the way I hold my bat on bh instead of the handle pointing sideways, hold bat with handle pointing down that way you can keep wrist stable. mima ito is a handle sideways player and shao yu is a handle down player.

What I find is short pip backhand due to snappy action to get power, it puts alot more stress on my arm and wrist and I do injure myself if I play too long.

Im using spectol red (max) on carbonado 190 which I think is quite a fast setup but works well

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