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How to teach relaxation in strokes?
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Author:  maurice101 [ 13 May 2017, 10:09 ]
Post subject:  How to teach relaxation in strokes?

Ive been helping a few older guys (like me) to improve even though I am no expert.
Thanks ttedge.com for giving me the tools to be helpful!!
I was wondering how the coaches here teach to be relaxed in forehand, backhand, serves etc etc.
This seems such a key to develop racket head speed.
We do some exercises based on ttedge.com but this does not easily transfer to matches.
I was thinking for myself after each point to wave my wrist to get the relaxation feeling.
Are there any tips on this topic or is it just endless repetition????

Author:  iskandar taib [ 13 May 2017, 11:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to teach relaxation in strokes?

Apparently, relaxation comes from good technique, not the other way around, according to Brett. It's true, it's been working for me.


Author:  WorkoutMontage [ 14 May 2017, 11:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to teach relaxation in strokes?

One method is to focus on being 'graceful'. They usually slow down, become less robotic and more elastic when that word is used. Everything should be 'graceful', as though they are being judged on the beauty of their form, not just the results.

Individual students will need different approaches to teaching. Some need metaphors and abstractions, some need more realism and details.

Author:  leatherback [ 15 May 2017, 08:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to teach relaxation in strokes?

Don't worry about your arm. Let it be loose and turn your waist. If you use you arm the muscles contract in order to utilize their strength....which is the definition of NOT relaxed

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Author:  maurice101 [ 15 May 2017, 12:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to teach relaxation in strokes?

I am going to try the tip on being graceful and looking good on my strokes. Thanks WorkoutMontage. At least I will look good when I get blocked off the table!!!!! The few guys I advice have always used effort in strokes from day one and it is hard to try to get them to reprogram to being relaxed.

Author:  iskandar taib [ 15 May 2017, 14:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to teach relaxation in strokes?

If you follow the advice on Brett's video, the way this translates into game play is to not rush the backswing. If you do the backswing too early then you end up having to pause at the end of the backswing, in which case you lose the whip effect and have to use arm muscle power to swing forward. Time the whole stroke as a whole, start the backswing at the right time.


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