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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2014, 19:32 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User
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The Tuttle Prevention Arc rubber (formerly named King of Antispin) is a Chinese anti, which usually means it is intended for attack instead of for defence (as most European antis are). It has a high-quality look, with its white and rather soft sponge that is smooth as silk to the touch, and a glossy and slightly tacky topsheet that looks quite robust; but Tuttle has issued other rubbers that looked good and turned bad quite quickly – in particular its softer sponges tended to break up and go dead, and some of its tenderer topsheets wore down very fast. The topsheet of the Prevention Arc is thin for an anti, thinner than the topsheet of Friendship 804 (the rubber that comes closest to it regarding its playing characteristics), and quite elastic. On top of the soft elastic sponge, this makes for a rather high basic speed – this antispin rubber (I tested it in 1.5 mm red) is not much slower than the average allround backside rubber, and certainly a lot faster than the average defensive backside rubber or defensive antispin rubber. A relatively high speed is not amiss in an attack rubber, but this topsheet, being so thin and elastic, and tacky too, is quite sensitive to incoming spin as well; in fact, more so than the 804, which isn't particularly insensitive either. This means that it cannot be effectively used for passive or even controlled blocking, but has to be used quite actively.
As an attack-anti, it offers good possibilities to counter incoming topspin or attack incoming backspin, but the rubber doesn't produce very awkward balls when used for this. If you drive through topspin, there will be a little topspin on the ball; no surprise to the opponent there. If you roll against backspin there will be a moderate amount of topspin on the ball; again, nothing to confuse an opponent. Pushing, you can produce good backspin; chopping you can do the same; but chopping against incoming heavy topspin, it is not so easy to keep the ball low, and the amount of backspin you can put on it is not enough to trouble a good looper.
All in all, I think the Prevention Arc is not really well-named. One use I can see for this rubber is on a fast blade for a low-spin, hard-hitting backhand combined to a high-spin, fast looping forehand in a fast-paced attacking game close to the table. This way, as an alternative for a medium fast SP or MP, it might not be bad, offering slightly better control.

Without opponent, no match.


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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2014, 06:58 
Dark Knight
Dark Knight
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Thanks Kees! That's the first review I've seen on this rubber! :up:

Yes, it does make you wonder how rubber like this (and 804), actaully qualify as antispin rubbers. Possible the ITTF will allow any inverted rubber to be classed as an antispin.

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PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 14:39 
Goes to 11
Goes to 11
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Apparently on sale by Eacheng on ebay (got a notice in my email for some reason):


Was surprised, never heard of it before.



PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 16:19 
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I've had it for a while.
It is fast and springy, faster than 804 and more dinamic.
The sponge is quite soft.
The only problem I recognize is that the topsheet comes out from the sponge easy at the borders (you need an edge tape to prevent).

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