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Dr Neubauer Bison vs Rhino
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Author:  haggisv [ 05 Jul 2017, 20:28 ]
Post subject:  Dr Neubauer Bison vs Rhino

I tested a Dr Neubauer Bison and a Rhino, both in 1.8mm black, against the balls machine. I set it on high speed & spin, so that I could get good idea of spin reversal and how well it took the pace off.

The Rhino did not only take the pace off better, but it also had a considerably lower trajectory, making it easier to keep it low.

I put the robot on sidespin, to get a good idea of how much spin was returned (by the curve & bounce of the ball). Again the Rhino returned considerably more spin, it was quite noticable. It surprised me a little actually, because just by feeling the rubber with my fingers, the Rhino seems to have a little more grip.

I'll still want to test the rubber in play, as I'm sure the better reversal of the Rhino comes at a price, but it's looking good so far.

These are the manufacturer ratings:

Speed: 60
Disruptive effect: 105
Control: 82

Speed: 60
Disruptive effect: 105
Control: 84

Author:  TraditionalTradesman [ 06 Jul 2017, 05:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer Bison vs Rhino

Curious how these antis compare to LPs in how easy you found them as far as figuring out the right blade angle. Thanks.

Author:  skilless_slapper [ 23 Jul 2017, 14:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer Bison vs Rhino

Any word on these?

I just ordered a rhino to test. Any comparison to mega block or transformer?

Author:  conradyoung [ 24 Jul 2017, 04:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer Bison vs Rhino

I tried Rhino. I found it to be a bit bouncier than most antis at low to medium speeds. Reasonably good for attacking no or low spin balls.

In general, frictionless antis have a challenge - the degree of friction varies throughout the course of a session. It varies by the temperature and humidity, the type of ball, etc.

Unfortunately Rhino is no exception. The topsheet has longer pips like Transformer, but it's a bit flexible, hence the bounciness. I have been using ABS which is really hard.

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