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Author:  haggisv [ 28 Jun 2018, 13:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

tensorflow wrote:
Also, does anyone know why my direct messages are stuck in outbox?

If they're in the outbox, it means the recipient has not yet read the message. Once they've opened it, it will go into the 'sent' folder.

Author:  grygrskls1 [ 30 Jun 2018, 06:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Gary. I used to play at the colonial oaks club in southwest florida. My buddies and I are going to start playing again at my house so I had some questions. Would a hardbat made with the 729 magic green blade and 729 Dr. Evil rubbers produce more spin/speed than one from Walmart? Also I was looking into getting some 44 mm and 55mm balls for fun. Because they are bigger (using the thought process from when 38mm was switched to 40mm), does that mean they would be slower and curve more? Would this same logic also apply with hardbats that don't produce that much spin and speed?

Author:  hookshot [ 30 Jun 2018, 06:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

The 44s are very slow and do Not curve much. Too hard to spin them even with inverted.
The 55s are just a joke. :n:

Author:  grygrskls1 [ 30 Jun 2018, 11:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Thanks for the advice. I can get some good spin for a hard bat with the 40mm but less than that and it sounds like you're just going to be flat hitting it back and forth. Hopefully someone can chime in about the paddles...

Author:  ARCIKEN [ 04 Jul 2018, 12:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi guys, i'm from Kuala Lumpur and in the late 30's and working in private company.

i loved to play table tennis, i would consider myself a beginner chopper or intermediate table tennis player at best.

I'm a handshake player and my style is forehand loop and backhand chopper (previously i was close table blocker using lp ox), and more to control player or defensive player.

I'm looking forward to share and hope to learn more from you guys in this table tennis forum.

Thanks~ :)

Author:  Paddler [ 06 Jul 2018, 14:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi all,

Been lurking for a few months now. Came to read Dunc's blog and stayed to watch Iskander recommend Sanwei M8s to everyone.

I'm in the Seattle area, typically playing doubles with a regular group of casual players on lunch breaks and we occasionally jaunt over to clubs to get our butts handed to us by senior citizens. Before that played in college and while working at summer camps.

I've dabbled with modern defense but mostly do double inverted. Looking to do some tournaments within the next few months so I can proudly display a sub 1k ranking(or w.e I end up being)

Author:  trumpet_guy [ 12 Jul 2018, 07:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

My name is Tim and I've only recently joined this forum. I have been over at TableTennisDaily for a month or two.
I am a recreational player, trying to improve but lacking the time to go to a club very often. I play with friends at work (I'm an engineer) and watch numerous online coaching videos.

This is a good forum, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Author:  Eklavya [ 18 Jul 2018, 09:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hey Guys! My Name is Jitendra.I am 37.I started playing at the age of 13 in my school.My friends who introduced me to the game suggested i take up Penhold as they were all shakehand players and wanted some variety in the midst :D . So i did as i was told and took up Penhold! The very first day I played i didnt know what to do about my backhand as none of my friends knew anything about penhold except the grip.I lost all my matches and sat thinking overnight about how to play penhold backhand..It was the early 90's so no youtube or internet in my country.i just naturally came to think up the TPB. I played on and off for 2 years till i was 15 as TPBer.Meanwhile I was rejected at the school team trials for being a penholder as the coach admitted he knew nothing about Penhold!Tried to switch over to Shakehand but couldnt..Never played again till a year ago!! Started playing again at a friends Villa at the age of 36 after 21 years!First day TPB as usual..2nd day i looked up youtube while at work just to get a few tips for beginners and Lo! I discovered RPB!!Been playing regularly for a year now and boy have i come a long way!! I just love this game! I would be rated around 2000 for my American friends.

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