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Summer Singles Handicapped Tournament
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Author:  Cobalt [ 19 Jan 2015, 22:01 ]
Post subject:  Summer Singles Handicapped Tournament

Following our successful drawn doubles tournament a fortnight ago, tonight I ran Handicapped singles event.

Each player that registered was given a handicap from 0 to 14 (I'd pre-worked out handicaps for all players in our club in case they showed up).

Rules were: -
• All matches are to be played best of 5 games.
• The lowest handicapped player starts on 0 and gives away the difference in handicaps in EACH game. Eg if one player has a handicap of 3 and the other of 7 then the difference is 4 therefore the lower handicap starts on 0 and the higher on 4 for each game.
• If the handicap difference is greater than 9 then the number of points in each game is to be 2 points higher than the handicap difference. eg if the handicap difference is 11 then each game is played to 13 ie the higher handicap player must win 2 points to win the game and the lower must win 13.
• If the starting handicap is an odd amount, the first server only has one serve.
• Handicaps will not be adjusted for the whole tournament once play has started.
• Finals will be played however format will be dependent on registrations.
• If no umpire is to be used then it is the lower handicap player who is the umpire of the match and must call scores.
• It is the winners responsibility to record the match result with the number of games won for each player recorded.

In the end we had a small field of 12 players (normally 50 on a comp night). We played in 2 groups of 6 therefore everyone had 5 matches. We played semi finals then a final. The finalists had handicaps of 3, 9, 9, 11 with the winner being the 3 handicapper over a 9 handicapper.

Was a good night. Handicaps not perfect but close enough. If you are looking for a novel event at your club, it might we worth a shot.

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