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What is this move called?
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Author:  SchiestyViner17 [ 25 Oct 2018, 09:28 ]
Post subject:  What is this move called?

I was playing with some guys the other day, and he hit the ball with a peculiar return. It was neither the backhand or the forehand. He brought the paddle flat up along the middle of his body, and it was as fast as a smash. What is this move called? I want to learn it. I believe it is named after a popular table tennis player.


Author:  iskandar taib [ 25 Oct 2018, 12:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: What is this move called?

Umm.. do you seriously expect anyone to know what you're talking about without maybe a video or a better description? :lol: And what would "this move" have to do with ITTF (or USATT or ETTA...) :lol: This part of the forum is reserved for discussing such stuff as why the ITTF is incompetent, or why the plastic ball sucks.

What I find interesting is that you've managed to find out that it's "named after a popular table tennis player" but you didn't find out what this name was.. :lol: Maybe it's "The Szocs"? I think she's popular enough. Or "The Manika". Maybe if you could get this player to demonstrate it again, and take a video with your phone and post it on YouTube...


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