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PostPosted: 21 Jul 2014, 23:50 
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Hi all,
I came across this index from a sharing fella on a greek forum, its a little old so I'm fairly sure its in need of an update, this is where I'd like some assistance from the International community that we are lucky enough to have here. The idea being to assist all those who it may be of use to and particularly those new to the game and this forum in locating their countries local suppliers, anyway, I've posted below what I have so far..

With thanks to Johny89atc who made a great job with organizing and now you can find shops by countrys:) 

European Uniontown

http://www.e-pingpongshop.com/ Greece 
http://www.chalex.gr/tabletennis/ Greece 
http://www.pingpong.ttmarket.gr / Greece 
http://www.grandhost.org/tt-topspin/ Greece 
http://www.gpsports.gr/ Greece
Athlomania Averof 36 Pefkakia Tel: 2102755520 

http://www.spinfactory.de/shop/default.php5 Germany / Germany 
http://www.ttshop-leipzig.de/ Germany 
http://schoeler-micke.tabletennis-shop. ... outlet.de/ Germany 
http://www.tt-shop-jesumann.de/ Germany 
http://www.futurespin.de/tischtennis-shop/ Germany 
http://www.tischtennis.biz/ Germany 
http://www.tibhar.de / Germany 
http://www.behn-tt.com/ Germany 
http://www.drneubauer.com/ Germany 
http://www.contra.de/ Germany 
http://www.gewo-tt.de/ Germany 
http://www.schuett-sport.de/Tischtennis/Markenshop.html Germany 
http://www.badtt-sports.com/ Germany 
http://www.sport-schreiner-tt.de/ Germany 
http://www.tt-stefanski.de / Germany 
http://www.gr-tischtennis.de/ Germany 

http://www.tabletennisdirect.com / Ukrainian
http://www.bribartt.co.uk/ UK 
http://www.e-table-tennis.co.uk/ UK 
http://www.customtabletennis.co.uk/ UK 
http://www.jarvissports.co.uk UK
http://www.topspintt.com / index.php UK 

http://www.menereis.nl/ Netherlands 
http://www.tafeltennisshop.be/ Netherlands 
http://www.vrocosport.nl/ Netherlands 
http://www.deboersport.nl Netherlands 

http://www.ping-spirit.com/ France 
http://www.wsport.com/ France 
http://www.dauphintt.com/ France 

http://www.tftt.ie / Ireland 
http://www.andrewdennisonsports.com/ Ireland 
http://www.celtictt.com/ Ireland 

http://www.dandoy-sports.com/tabletennisequipment/ Belgium 
http://www.timtts.be/Shop/ Belgium 

http://www.ttex.se / Sweden 
http://www.japsko.com/ Sweden 
http://www.pingis.se Sweden 

http://www.gosports.at / Austria 
http://epages2.euro-web.net/epages/4080 ... s/40806680 / Austria

http://www.inters.pl/inters/serwis_ts/sprzet/ Poland 
http://www.tenis-stolowy.pl/index.php Poland 

http://www.ttplanet.it/ Italy 
http://www.tennistavolo-fp.com/index.php Italy 

http://www.tabletennis-sportsmadison.com/en/index.htm / Spain 

http://www.ospblades.com / Hungary 

http://www.topsas.lt / Lithuania
http://www.profi-tt.com /Bulgaria 

http://www.tt-shop.ro / Romania 

http://www.vsenastolnitenis.cz/ Czech Republic 

http://www.tt-energy.com/ Ukraine vistasport.ru / Russia 

http://www.sporti-slatinsek.com/ Slovenia 

http://www.rovaa.sk/ Slovakia 
http://www.aspinsport.sk/ Slovakia 

http://www.gubler.ch/de_home_gubler.Gub ... iveID=1128 /Switzerland 
http://www.errateam.ch/ Switzerland 
http://lorengo-tt.com/en/? Switzerland

http://www.tabletennis4u.com/ Lithuania


http://www.2pong.com/ U.S. 
http://www.powerpingpong.com/ U.S. 
http://www.killerspin.com/ U.S. 
http://www.americantabletennis.com/ U.S. 
http://www.zeropong.com/ U.S. 
http://www.tabletennisonly.com/tabletennis/pages/ U.S. 
http://www.butterflyonline.com/ U.S. 
http://www.tabletennisstore.us/m-1-xiom ... ennis.aspx U.S.
http://www.fastpaddle.com / tt / U.S.
http://www.alphatabletennis.com/ U.S. 
http://www.colestt.com/ U.S. 
http://www.hiquasports.com/pingpong/ U.S. 
http://www.paddlepalace.com/ U.S. 
http://www.megaspin.net/ U.S. 
http://www.tabletenniszone.com/ U.S. 
http://www.catabletennisco.com/ U.S. 
http://www.robbinstabletennis.com / US
http://www.doublefish-us.com/ U.S. 
http://www.gotabletennis.com/ U.S. 
http://www.morningstartt.com/ U.S. 
http://www.ttarmory.com U.S. 
http://www.natabletennis.com U.S. 
http://www.joolausa.com U.S. 

http://www.ppgear-table-tennis.ca / Canada 
http://www.ttpioneers.ping-pong.com/Home.php / Canada 
http://www.mytabletennis.com/shop/ Canada 

http://www.lojadomesatenista.com.br/ Brazil 

http://www.sportsking.org/index.php /Trinidad


http://www.ttrubberman.com/ China 
http://www.eacheng.net/ China 
http://www.fareastsports.com/ China 
http://www.gmtt.net/ China 
http://www.fashion-pingpong.com/ China 
http://www.prott.cc/ China
http://www.iruiru.com/ Japan 
http://www.tt-japan.net/index.php?main_page=index Japan 
http://www.ta-q.jp/en / Japan 
http://www.donic.jp/ Japan 

http://www.ttnpp.com / shop / Hong Kong 
http://www.winningsportstt.com/ Hong Kong 

http://www.nexy.xom South Korea 

http://www.pingpongonline.com/shop/ Philippines 

http://www.presports.com/ Malaysia 
http://www.skybizsports.com/ Malaysia
http://www.tenryu.com.my/store/ Malaysia

http://www.fast-spin.com/ Turkey 
http://www.hazerspor.com/ Turkey 

http://www.vengroo.com/home.asp Pakistan 

http://www.playgroundonline.com/menus/S ... ennis.aspx India 
http://www.tennistavolo-fp.com/ India 

http://www.ping-pong.tw/ Taiwan astasport.com / Indonesia 
http://www.tabletennisoutlet.com/en/ Indonesia

http://www.pazan-co.com / Iran 


http://tabletennisshop.com.au/ Australia 
http://www.affordablett.com.au/shop/ Australia 
http://www.aussietabletennis.com/ Australia 

http://www.butterfly-nz.com/ New Zealand 
http://www.donictabletennis.co.nz/ New Zealand 


http://www.racketlon.co.za / South Africa


Laziness is the mother of all evil... but she is a mother and you should respect her!

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PostPosted: 22 Jul 2014, 11:21 
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Skybiz : - http://www.skybizsports.com/
Tenryu: - http://www.tenryu.com.my/store/

all from Malaysia

Still Missing the Speed Glue

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2014, 20:03 
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Joined: 23 Mar 2014, 11:26
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FH: Juic 999 Turbo 2.0
BH: Juic 999 Turbo 2.0
Thanks poknas.. updated :up:

Laziness is the mother of all evil... but she is a mother and you should respect her!

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2014, 21:12 
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That's an impressive list :up: We should give them star ratings or something perhaps, so we can pick the good from the 'not-so-good ones?

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PostPosted: 30 Jul 2014, 20:23 
Goes to 11
Goes to 11
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These are Eacheng's three "avatars" on AliExpress:

Tianjin Guanghe - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/202364
Happy Shopping 365 Days - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/714857
New-new Shop - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/934882

This is Eacheng on ebay:

china-friend - http://stores.ebay.com/pingpongworld/

This MIGHT be Eacheng (has pretty much identical stock), but the prices are a lot higher. Has deep discounts once in a while but nothing I found interesting.

ALI Discount Store - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1181504

Other dealers:

Wendy - http://stores.ebay.com/Hello-Wendy-Sport
Ping Pong and table tennis - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/420302
Chen Huiyu Store - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/338852

(The last one has lots of questionable stuff, but if you want bulk training rubber he's the guy. Wendy, by the way, has her own brand of booster and has a line of her own blades.)


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