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PostPosted: 11 Aug 2016, 10:44 
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Hi, everyone!
Sorry it took me a while to report on the glue I received some time ago.
I didn't have the need to re-glue anything for a while, but eventually I had to, it was Meteorite long pips on 0,5 sponge and LKT Rapid Speed.

So here's my impressions on the Innoglue.
Well first thing you see - it's amazingly thick and sticky!
It really is thick, making Butterfly's or Donic's glues look like they're mixed with water or something.
It literally looks "premium quality", it can be easily spread on the rubber sponge surface and it's smooth.

I can confirm that you only need to apply it to the rubber and not on the blade (I didn't try to glue the OX pips though)
I am really happy about the glue quality in general, not sure if it can be improved anymore at all.
I am going to buy more of this glue when I need it again, probably in autumn.

I had some issues with the plastic spreader stick though. It's probably me, since I had never used this kind of thing before, I've always used those little sponges that come with Butterfly's glues, or any cheap sponges from any 99 cents store. So on the first try I found that I couldn't evenly spread the glue with the spreader stick, I just didn't know how to do it, so I just used a piece of a sponge and it worked perfectly. I still used the spreader stick to take the glue out from the bottle, so it came handy too.

Here's interesting fact - some glue stains were left on a piece of a sponge, that I accidentally left on a table in the room for like 10 days. Well after 10 days the glue on a sponge was still really sticky to the fingers which is amazing. It might work as a confirmation that you might not always need to re-apply the glue when transferring a rubber from one blade to another.

TL,DR - Glue is really good, IMHO sponge works better than spreader.

PS I also really loved the rubber cleaner, it's just perfect.

1) Blade: Stiga Clipper, Rubbers: Giant Dragon Snowflake 0.5 mm, LKT Rapid Speed max - my current setup.
2) previous Blade: Stiga Allround Carbon, Rubbers: Giant Dragon Meteorite 1 mm, LKT Rapid Speed max


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PostPosted: 11 Aug 2016, 11:32 
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Blade: Premade Bty
FH: Inverted Red
BH: Inverted Black
Will there be a video tutorial showing how to use this product? ;) I think it would be very helpful and help gain interest in the product, there could be a scientific explanation for the benefits for this glue.

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2016, 03:59 
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This is ppscientific. I am the formulator of the innoglue table tennis glue and innoglue table tennis rubber cleaner.

I am most happy to see your review. This is a specially designed glue, very different from butterfly and others. I tried to incorporate as much glue solids as possible in a stable, creamy, easily spreadable emulsion. I also tried to make it easy to apply, with secure adhesion, and easy to remove when replacing the rubber.

This is not another low cost bulk produced product. The glue is designed with user's needs in mind. Since I am a user myself, I tried to make it an ideal glue for fellow table tennis players.

SpongyPipsSamurai, Thanks for the review. I am most happy that you tested it and liked it and, above all, understand the thoughts that I put into the product.

About the cleaner:

I also put a lot of thoughts into the cleaner...

The cleaner contains ingredients to clean oil (from sweat and hand) and dust (from air), and has a skin-friendly antimicrobial to prevent the wet sponge or towel to smell badly due to bacteria growth. It packaged in a thick-foam-generating bottle, so that the cleaner would spread evenly and would not run on rubber when applying it. The ingredients cost of my cleaner is higher than a basic cleaner, but that is OK. As long as my customers enjoy using it.

Thanks for your evaluation and the report, and thanks for endorsing the performance of the glue and cleaner.


If someone would like to understand the adhesion science behind the glue design, I will be happy to discuss it.
Thanks you very much for the encouragement.


We are a small company. Every order from you is an encouragement to us. Thanks for your orders.

Best Regards,

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2016, 12:22 
Goes to 11
Goes to 11
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Interesting! I'd forgotten about this. There's a web site now:


Apparently it's not just table tennis glue any more.. There's rubber cleaner and some non table tennis related items (such as arts-and-crafts glue).

Yeah, the overseas shipping is a problem. I'm interested in trying the stuff, maybe I'll look into getting it in wholesale quantities and try to sell it off on the local equivalent of ebay.


Note the "Clipper" blade, but also that that's not exactly a flat palm... :lol:


PostPosted: 12 Aug 2016, 14:38 
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hahaha... :oops: You are right that the palm needs to be flat. That is of course not my picture, but I sometimes serve like that. :sweat:

I think it is time for us to fix up our website, and make it more user friendly and more professional-looking.

Our rubber adhesive and cleaner are unique products designed by table tennis player for table tennis players. We need more people to know about these products, and to help sell then if feasible.

For a small company like ours, every order is an encouragement to us.



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