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Author:  DarkArtsTableTennis [ 02 Jul 2017, 20:30 ]
Post subject:  Become a Sponsored Player

Hi Everyone,

Dark Arts Table Tennis are looking to sponsor players......

Who are Dark Arts Table Tennis and what can we offer from a sponsorship,

Dark Arts was set up last year based in the UK, primarily as a specialist coaching organisation for Pips out, hard bat & Anti-Spin players, we also coach normal reversed styles & strategy training for combination bat players, Dark Arts expanded late 2016 to start retailing/re-selling table tennis equipment, we also created the bat testing sessions for people to test the equipment before a purchase to save them wasting money on equipment that isn't right for them. Early 2017 we started to create Dark Arts Affiliated centres, so table tennis clubs can offer equipment to there members, for more information on who we are please check out our website.

We can offer sponsored players: tailored coaching specifically for your game style to take your game to the next level, as we retail equipment we can also offer discounted prices for equipment varying from 25% off RRP to completely FREE! (depending on your playing level) there is also no age restrictions on applications.

What Players are we looking to sponsor?

Ideally we are looking for Pips out/ Anti-loop players, however we can occasionally make exceptions, we are open to all ages and levels, however your playing level will determine what you are eligible for from the sponsorship, so a higher ranked person will receive more discount etc, but the sponsorships are reviewed on a regular basis so if the coaching you receive from us boosts you up the rankings you can get further discounts.

if you are interested please contact me:
via email [email protected]
Via Phone (+44) 01482 561630 / (+44) 07552236660
or via our Facebook page.

Kind Regards
Director & Head Coach
Dark Arts Table Tennis

Author:  Retriever [ 03 Jul 2017, 07:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player


I realise that you are based in the UK. You do not specify that potential "sponsored players" must also be from the UK, but there is an implication that they must from you stating that coaching would be part of the package. If your market for "sponsored players" is indeed UK only, maybe you could mention that in your subject or very prominently in the OP once you have the eyeballs.

I may be too far away and too old to become a "sponsored player", not to mention with a not normal reversed style. Oh well.

Author:  haggisv [ 03 Jul 2017, 16:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

Good on you for offering sponsorship, I hope you can make it worthwhile for your business as well as for the players. :up:

Sponsorship seems far less common these days. I think it's because (1) the margins on equipment as much lower due to competition, and (2) manufacturers rarely offer free equipment /sample to their retailers for the purpose of sponsorship.

Author:  DarkArtsTableTennis [ 03 Jul 2017, 21:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

Hi Haggisv,

Thank you for the kind message, yes unfortunately are a lot tighter, not just in table tennis but everything, I own another company outside of dark arts and table tennis, it's surprising after you have paid tax/vat what little room there is, the way I see it with the sponsored players especially if there winning tornoments it's great advertising for the sponsoring company, advertisement costs anyway :) also not to mention it's putting something back into the sport so I'm more than happy to sponsor players :up:

Hi Retriver,

I have not specified countries as I believe it's irrelevant as lots of players play internationally anyway, however it obviously would effect the sponsorship package as it would be impossible to travel to the other side of the world to coach :rofl: so outside the UK anyone applying would be getting less out of the sponsorship package,

However that said Dark Arts Table Tennis as mentioned creates affiliated centres, part of this is creating a coaching network for coaches to share techniques and training drills, the reason we do this is how many coaches know how to successfully train Pips out/ Anti-loop players? If there part of the dark Arts network they would have access to coaches who know how to train these styles and get training information that will help there own players. The pips out was just an example but we have people available in our network to give advice on specific topics such as serve, pips, anti, looping, lobbing etc, so if there was a dark Arts affiliated centre in your country/ local to you then coaching could be included.

At dark arts we never say never, sponsoring someone in another country isnt impossible it just adds difficulties, so more than anything it comes down to the player applying for the sponsorship, and weather we can offer a fair sponsorship package to them with the added difficulties.

I hope this has answered your questions?

Dark Arts TT :up:

Author:  DarkArtsTableTennis [ 08 Jul 2017, 23:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

Hi Everyone,

i have just received a message from a player I'm sponsoring, who's currently testing the new set up Goliath Speed 2, Domination speed 2 on a phenomenon blade, changing from Tenergy 05, Blue fire M2 on a Bty Innerforce AL blade,

here is the message,
Hey , I have tried the bat , and it is just amazing, the forehand had the speed and the spin is amazing as well , I'm able to get quite some good spin on my serve , and the backhand is unreal !!!

sounds like he is very happy!

Anyone interested in what dark arts can do for your game, drop me a line,

Dark Arts TT :up:

Author:  dazzler [ 09 Jul 2017, 02:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

Hi I sent a message via your website wondered if you received ok?

Author:  DarkArtsTableTennis [ 09 Jul 2017, 07:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

Hi Dazzler,

Thank you for your post, unfortunately I have not received your message, I will have a check with my web designer see what's going on there, thank you for pointing this out :up:

Please can you resend your message to [email protected] or feel free to drop me a call on (+44) 01482 561630 :up:

Apologies to anyone else who has messaged me via website contact page and I have not responded there must be a technical error, I will get this fixed asap, if you could re send your message to the email address above or drop me a call that would be much appreciated, apologies for any inconvenience.

Dark Arts TT :up:

Author:  Maurice [ 11 Jul 2017, 19:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

This is great! I'll train as much as possible :P (It's my dream to become pro player anyways) I'd do anything to get there, I only live in the Netherlands though, and the trainings offered aren't really good. I follow online courses for that reason, and I just joined another club, and there the trainings are given by someone who plays pretty high, so that is very nice!

Author:  DarkArtsTableTennis [ 11 Jul 2017, 23:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a Sponsored Player

Hi Maurice,

Thanks for the post, Please drop me an Email at [email protected] with a brief description of your playing style and rank, and we will see what we can sort out for you ;)

Update on the website, i can confirm that the contact us form on my website unfortunately isn't working at the moment, but is being repaired, there is a Email link on the top on the website next to the phone number, please use that to contact, i will post on here once the contact us form is back working,

The rest of the website is in perfect working order so please feel free to peruse at your own leisure.

Dark Arts TT :up:

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