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my opinion on playing as a penhold chopper for 1 month
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Author:  Balamea [ 11 May 2017, 23:51 ]
Post subject:  my opinion on playing as a penhold chopper for 1 month

This week I've played a considerable amount of ping pong with an unusual style. Im going to summarize my experience with it now. (in no way am I a pro or something, still very new to playing this way, dont take my words too accurate please :lol: )

First I want to mention that the style is VERY fun to play with :D , I've had a blast playing it. My win to lose ratio is not doing as bad as I expected, It is not as high as when I played very aggressively but Its probably at the 50/50 point somewhere.

the forehand chop: the wrist mobility helps a lot getting good backspin on the ball, the forehand chop is very easy to perform and effective, because of the way of how the racket is held with a penhold grip the stroke when chopping always has at least a little side spin in it, its very important to control how much, because sometimes too much throws it out entirely. the side spin is not a problem though in my opinion, Its a very useful tool.

the backhand chop: on the other hand feels very different, for me at least it always ends up with a lot of backspin and a good amount of side spin, which is a very hard ball to return. I prefer using it instead of the forehand chop a lot more when the ball is coming right at me. for the near left side (for me its left because Im right handed) it feels very solid too, the problem is when the ball is a little too far away, it is very hard to push it forward then, thats why footwork is very important this way in my opinion. when a ball is very fast a lot of times I end up just for a second while chopping switch to the 4 + 1 zhang xielin chopping style, very helpful to control the ball in difficult moments.

the serves: when I first went from aggressive shakehand to a more defensive penhold style of playing I didnt really know how I should serve, but now I feel confident in doing a normal ghost serve or a backspin/sidespin combination one (I take a lot of inspiration from https://youtu.be/Ld0o6oMRpXc. when serving)

the point winning: most of the times the side spin and heavy backspin combo score points, but when the ball is in a good point like when the opponent pushes too hard, or just returns it a little high in the middle point region dont be scared to utilise the offensive power of penhold and go ham :P . offensive chops and pushes are very effective too when the opponent isnt awaiting anything from a defensive chopper.

my opinion on penhold chopping : very hard to get into, the beginning will be the hardest. I've had multiple moments after losing a hard match thinking :"Im going to quit trying this anymore, Ill either change to shakehand chopping or just aggressive penhold". but when you get the main points together the gears start moving. has quite its handful of weak points, hard to return chops, easy pushes, requires good footwork and most of all a lot of fun :D

Author:  iskandar taib [ 12 May 2017, 10:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: my opinion on playing as a penhold chopper for 1 month

Don't know about the higher levels, but at the lower levels, penhold players always seem to use all sorts of wrist movements and bat angles to produce sidespin when serving. And at the lower levels, it works very well indeed... returns flying off sideways and all... :lol: Can't say I've ever met a penhold chopper before - I used to think it was near impossible to play like that, especially on the backhand.


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