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Penhold with LP on the BH
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Author:  felixchrissandy [ 05 Nov 2017, 19:46 ]
Post subject:  Penhold with LP on the BH

Hello all. I want to ask you something. I'm a shakehand player with LP on BH and inverted on FH. But I always struggle with the forehand, because I can't smash the ball that come to my body. Today I try to play traditional chinese penhold, I can smash the ball , I can punch the ball with TPB. But I really struggle with backspin serve to my TPB. What are you think if I stick 388d-1 on my backhand for receive the serve only on the backhand side and stick the SP on the FH side ? Thx a lot

Author:  haggisv [ 05 Nov 2017, 20:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Penhold with LP on the BH

Nothing wrong with that option, I reckon just try it. :up:

Author:  felixchrissandy [ 05 Nov 2017, 20:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Penhold with LP on the BH

@Haggisv thanks a lot

Author:  Spartan62 [ 06 Nov 2017, 23:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Penhold with LP on the BH

Returning backspin serves with TBH is comfortable and quite easy in my opinion... if you are are happy to push it back! The Penhold grip is flexible so there are options to add side-spin to the return to make it a little more awkward for the opponent.
It will be difficult to loop a good backspin serve with the TBH, so "we" won't often attempt it.

A topspin serve can be more troublesome, you have to try to attack it and it can be difficult to get a good quality drive with TBH. Again, depending on the position of the ball, there may be some side-spin options.

I have tried adding long pimples to the reverse side but quickly gave up on the idea.

Advantages: -
1) Returning spinny serves to the backhand.
2) Rally variations from the backhand wing.

Disadvantages: -
1) If you currently play single sided traditional Japanese Penhold, adding a reverse rubber will increase the weight of the racket. Perhaps only about 10g for pimples but significant, so depends on weight preference.
2) if you use a PH grip with splayed fingers on the reverse (more Japanese than Chinese style), pimples won't be comfy and the hitting area is small.
3) Japanese PH blades have cork on the reverse side, so difficult to put a pimples sheet on whilst retaining the rubber logo. Some players sand off some of the cork to allow for this because it is illegal to play with rubber sheet that doesn't have the logo displayed.

I hope this helps. The choice is yours so give it a try maybe.

Author:  felixchrissandy [ 07 Nov 2017, 21:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Penhold with LP on the BH

Thank you @spartan62 . I only use RPB LP push for backspin serve to my left court and use RPB LP block for topspin serve. After it , i go back to TPB style

Author:  iskandar taib [ 14 Nov 2017, 18:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Penhold with LP on the BH

There's a guy here who plays with bare wood (actually it's red vinyl decal) on the backside of a penhold bat. And the darned thing is he's gotten pretty good with it. It used to be he'd use that side occasionally, now he uses it maybe 60% of the time, especially for serve returns. If you think long pips causes spin reversal you've seen nothing yet.. it's quite eye opening. And it works pretty well because there are people in our group who haven't figured out what to do against it. For the rest of us it's good practice.


Author:  Spartan62 [ 15 Nov 2017, 22:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Penhold with LP on the BH

you aren't allowed to hit the ball with a side of the bat that doesn't have a rubber with a genuine ITTF logo.
If a player deliberately hits the ball with such a surface they should lose the point.
So unfortunately the chap you know is cheating - maybe not on purpose - but definitely against the rules of the game.

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