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PostPosted: 22 Feb 2018, 22:39 
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Blade: Butterfly Timo Ball allro
FH: Rakza 7 2,0mm
BH: Keiler 1,5 mm
Hi guys,

I have used now 563 and Keiler med pips about 1-1,5mm sponge in my BH. Its quite fun to play with those. I still want to try some Mp or even LP that has better deception and reversing spin. I play quite near the table blockin , attackin sometimes choping. I think its allround game. I have inverted in my forehand. Can you recommend some MPor LP rubbers and which sponge should I try?

Best regards



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PostPosted: 22 Feb 2018, 23:11 
Iron Pips
Iron Pips
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Blade: Stiga Carbonado 90
FH: Xiom Omega VII Euro max
BH: DMS Reflection 1,2 mm
563-1, Palio WP1013, Neubauer Aggressor and K.O., perhaps DMS Hellcat (not very deceptive, but perhaps equal to 563, not sure). Dawei 388C-1 could be interesting as well and perhaps Pluto (Yinhe?).

My blog: Def-attack's attempts to find balance between defence/attack | Serving techniques and strategy section

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2018, 05:21 
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Blade: Custom soulspin defensive
FH: Chop-city!
BH: Stiga horizontal ox
curl ph in ox or thin sponge is good for that

but you're going down the slippery slope of wanting the best of both worlds... i made a thread about something similar quite awhile ago, and you really have to decide which element you most want in your game -- and sacrifice the others.

Soulspin custom defensive blade
Fh: victas 401
Bh: Stiga horizontal OX

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2018, 06:36 
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Blade: Xiom Hayabusa Z+ FL
FH: Victas V-15 Stiff Bl Max
BH: SpinLord Keiler Red 1.8
Nittaku Pimplemini, or TSP MilliTall II.

Not sure how to steer you, since you always give up something to get something else. I don't think there is a perfect medium pip. Ultimately the more advanced players I've played used whichever pip they had chosen well, usually this means they used the same thing for years.

Also check out ZeroPong, they have some new Medium and long pips available in their Gambler line, unfortunately I haven't played with them. As a plus they are reasonably priced, so it won't hurt to try them out.

Xiom Hayabusa Z+; Victas V-15 Stiff (Black) Max; SpinLord Keiler (Red) 1.8 itmm Testing Power Pipes (Red) 1.8 mm, Do Knuckle (Red) 1.5 mm, Ordered Explosion (Red) 1.5 mm, and Power Pipes (Red) 1.5 mm

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2018, 06:14 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User
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FH: Victas VO > 102 1.8
BH: 755 OX
I have used numerous medium pips and none provided what we here call 'reversal' of spin. Nor are they deceptive as in producing wobbly balls.

But they are very good at driving the ball fast and nearly spinless which makes opponents misjudge the amount of bite the ball will get on their paddle, resulting in a return into the net.. or worse, onto their own side of the table! I reviewed the new Gambler GXM here recently. Imho, medium pips are the most difficult of the three pips-out rubber types to master so be prepared to invest many months building an effective technique.

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