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TSP Millitall II Review
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Author:  NiTTaKu [ 18 Jul 2008, 21:12 ]
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what sponge did you try out haggisv? I'm also interested about control on chops against fast topspin

Author:  haggisv [ 18 Jul 2008, 21:13 ]
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It's the standard sponge that comes with this rubbers...

Author:  NiTTaKu [ 19 Jul 2008, 05:06 ]
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thickness, not type :wink:

Author:  Joo Se Kev [ 19 Jul 2008, 06:48 ]
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I'm guessing he used the 1.0mm thickness. That's the only thickness I've seen it in so far...

@haggisv, glad you finally gave it a try! I was also surprised with how much spin I could generate with this rubber. Did you try any counterhitting against topspin?

Author:  haggisv [ 19 Jul 2008, 08:23 ]
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NiTTaKu wrote:
thickness, not type :wink:

Oops, can't belive I did not mention that :oops: Yes it was 1.0mm.

Yes I did try counter-hitting, and it seemed easy against the ball machine, but I'll have to try it against another player today...

Author:  NiTTaKu [ 19 Jul 2008, 18:27 ]
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Oh man, another one to try... :roll: this forum's hurting my wallet on the long term.

This one's on OX, 0,7, 1 and 1,5mm

Author:  haggisv [ 19 Jul 2008, 21:10 ]
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Ok I've had a bit of a hit with the rubber, and played a few games, although unfortunately I would have liked to get some practice against a few fast loopers, but did not get the opportunity.

I think my thoughts in my first part of the review were fairly accurate.

This rubber is real easy to attack with, and can generate decent topspin to make the ball drop. Counterhitting against topspin work well too, where you can either impart some spin, or hit straight through it for a flat ball. Even a step away from the table I could counterhit, although most of the pace comes from the blade since the rubber itself is fairly slow.

The throw of this rubber is much higher than any long pip, so for those that twiddle less adjustment is required... Attacking backspin it's just like a LP with moderate reversal...very nice and can be quick if you want to to.

Against loops the control was good, and gets better the harder they loop at you...This is typical of the more stiffer pips, eg the 955.

Against slow loops or no-spin shots I had more trouble. The Leggy with it's softer and longer pips, and softer sponge allows me to brush the ball more which gives me control... the stiffer and short pips and firmer sponge on the Millitall gave me less control here. What I really should be doing with these balls is attack them, as this rubber is very good at this, but since this is a weaker part of my game ( I tend to mainly attack only high balls) this is an area I struggled with...

I think this rubber suits the more aggressive LP players or those short/medium pip players that want more control in their defensive game, and want to add some more spin reversal...

Is this rubber right for me... I'm not sure yet... still thinking.... I do want to work on a more attacking style of game, and this forces me to do this... Alternatively I could try it on a slower blade to give me more dwell time, which will make the transition easier... still thinking :wink:

Have I missed anything???

Author:  NiTTaKu [ 20 Jul 2008, 05:29 ]
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So, against slow loops it's more like an inverted stroke chop, isn't it?

I think this one will be on my wishlist to try out on the 7P-2A.DF, sounds like this rubber won't match with my Willtria.

Author:  haggisv [ 20 Jul 2008, 08:33 ]
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The grip is lower for the slow loops and no-spin shots as the ball does not dig into the rubber much, so attacking is a better option since it does push the ball into the rubber, so you can generate the spin...

Author:  Hobbes [ 20 Jul 2008, 10:21 ]
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So would you say that a really spinny LP like P1-R on thick sponge (assuming I can control both equally well) chops better overall, since you get many benefits similar to this against hard shots but it's easier to dig the ball into the sheet against slow loops? I've been curious about this one for a while, but I'm thinking I should probably just stick with P1-R once I start using it.

Author:  Joo Se Kev [ 20 Jul 2008, 10:42 ]
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Hopefully I'll be trying out a sheet of 979 on 1.5mm sponge soon so I could give you a fairly direct comparison Hobbes. I think that most long pips will chop better overall then Millitall. The main advantages I see are increased attacking options against backspin/no spin and more control in the short game. That said, I don't think millitall is bad for chopping...

@Haggisv, after a while those no spin shots get easier to handle. I've found I'm able to give a decent chop that stays fairly low most of the time now. The high spin slow loops still trouble me, but I also struggled with them using long pips :shock: The margin of error seems to be lower with Millitall on these, that's why I usually go for a well-placed, off- pace counter hit or guided block.

@Nittaku, I think the darker blade works really well with these thin, medium short pips because it really helps add some softness and dwell time on the chopping :)

Author:  haggisv [ 20 Jul 2008, 12:13 ]
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Actually in my limited time against some fast loops, I found the control remarkably good...it's just a little faster than most long pips.

I've tried a few short and medium pips before, and tried chopping against loops, but the Millitall leaves them for dead in control...it's really much closer to a LP in this respect...

Author:  tatlwai [ 20 Jul 2008, 23:57 ]
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I am going to resist buying this rubber, I have way too many to try at one time, but you guys are killing me.

Author:  NiTTaKu [ 21 Jul 2008, 05:45 ]
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speedplay wrote:
haggisv wrote:
It's the standard sponge that comes with this rubbers...

NiTTaKu wrote:
thickness, not type :wink:

ROFL, sometimes we do tend to9 forget the basics, right Haggisv? :lol:

We're so EJ that when we hear "sponge" we automatically think about custom topsheet+sponge combo LOL :lol:

Author:  Beer Belly [ 19 Sep 2009, 00:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: TSP Millitall II Review

This MP sounds interesting, but where can I buy it?

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