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PostPosted: 04 Jan 2017, 04:36 
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What difference is there between hitting technique against topspin and hitting against backspin?


PostPosted: 12 Jan 2017, 14:24 
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The difference is how the ball reacts to incoming spin. Since you ask this on the medium pips forum I would assume that this pertains to medium pips which don't react as much to spin. Still, I would expect that, as with inverted, a hit (or topspin drive) against backspin would involve a more open racket and a more upward stroke than a drive against topspin, only not as much as would be the case as if you were using inverted. Part of the topspin you put on the ball is actually a continuation of the incoming backspin. By contrast, with medium pips you have to work harder to generate topspin when hitting against topspin - the spin isn't going to "reflect" off the rubber, as it would if you were using inverted. So you will need lots of racket speed and a more open racket and a more upward stroke than the same stroke done with inverted rubber. Perhaps in both cases studying the classic topspin drives against topspin and backspin using hardbat would be useful.


PostPosted: 12 Jan 2017, 15:36 
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As a pimples player, they key thing here is that your bread and butter shot is a hit / drive. Against topspin or float, don't try to play a shot which imparts a lot of topspin. You're generally trying to hit *through* the ball with a crisp and clean strike. Hit the ball at the top of it's bounce, or even slightly before. Depending on the height of the ball over the net, you may need to try to impart a bit of spin by closing the racket head, to make the ball dip a little.

Against a push or a chop, you do need to try to impart spin. Take the ball just as it starts to stop being at its highest point. Get below the ball, bend your knees, and accelerate up, whipping your wrist. This needs to be an explosive stroke, countering the spin. You are trying to spin the ball. If you try to hit this ball, even though you have relatively insensitive pips, you'll very likely hit the ball into the net against a strong chop or push. You need to overcome the spin.

Hope that helps.

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PostPosted: 12 Jan 2017, 20:18 
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Experiences made may vary so I'll try to describe how I do act on different spin with the medium pips. Note that I'm still improving and I'm far from perfect. Nonetheless I did improve quite significantly over the past 4-5 month and my backhand is slowly morphing into a very useful tool.

On underspin there are more options to attack, either by a drive (elbow) or a wrist-flip if the ball doesn't gets a high bounce. A higher bounce gives the opportunity to hit or flat-hit.
Topspin-balls are more difficult to attack actively so at optimum I counter or drive it back but mostly it's a stop-block or block, strong loops get a block or chop.

This way I'm working with the spin mostly and partially I'm adding spin to the ball and the opponent gets some strange balls back.

Lesser spin and low bounce can be answered by a wrist-flip or pressure-push, preferredly if the ball is at the highest point.
Here the opponent usually gets very little spin back so placement is very important.

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