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Der Materialspezialist Hellcat
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Author:  huyducphamvn [ 19 Mar 2017, 22:58 ]
Post subject:  Der Materialspezialist Hellcat

This is one high-quality rubber from Der Materialspezialist. The topsheet is shiny and in great visual view. The sponge is orange and quite bouncy. My rating is about 2200-2300 USATT
this rubber is very disruptive, but also quite easy to control. I have not been using short or medium pips for a long time, but I can get used to this rubber really quick. Medium pips that I have played are common: 388C-1 (Dawei), 563 and 563-1 (Friendship), these two topsheets pair with the same speed-glue effect sponge, like Hellcat. I will make comparison between Hellcat and these two rubbers. (both in 1.5 mm), glued on Nittaku Ludeack Fleet (7 wood plies+ 2 glass fiber)
Speed: 388C-1< Hellcat=563=563-1
Disruptive effect: 563< 563-1 < Hellcat < 388C-1
Blocking: Hellcat=563 < 563-1 < 388C-1
Pushing Backspin: 388C-1 < Hellcat <563-1 < 563
Attacking Backspin: 563 < Hellcat < 563-1 < 388C-1
Attacking Low Topspin: 388C-1 < 563-1=Hellcat < 563
Attacking Spinny Topspin: 388C-1 < 563-1 < Hellcat < 563
Chopping: no rating here, because this is not my strength

After all, I can make my conclusion that this Hellcat sheet is easy to use, just like 563 with more disruptive effect.
After been practising hard with this, after 1 week I get my trophy in singles. :D :D :D
Beat lots of much better players than me.

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