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tsp millitall 2 sponge thickness
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Author:  maddrag [ 20 Jul 2017, 03:54 ]
Post subject:  tsp millitall 2 sponge thickness

Like others, I'm looking for the "most perfect rubber" between defense and attack with pips. I had been using LP since more than 5 years but want something with a little more offense. I went into the short pips for 1 month but it is too fast and as I have to go further back to really shop the ball and I was too far to attack then.

So I tried medium pips and play presently the Millitall 2, 0,3-0.6mm. I like it but if I can get a little more speed without loosing the lp effect of the millital it would be great or if i can have more lp effect without loosing too much of it attack abilities it would also be great. ( so I want more of defense or offense without loosing the other properties that I have in the 0.3-0.6mm rubber)

My favorite shots are in order:

Flat hit of underspin or no spin ball. Bump like Jian Li. (good but not enough fast with 0.3-0.6mm)
Agressive push
Loop of underspin ball
counterhit drive or loop
deceptive serves with underspin, no spin, sidespin long or short

all those shot can be made with sidespin also.

So.... I f I can have you viewpoint on the Millitall in OX and the millitall with 1.1 or 1.5 mm and compare it to mine i would really appreciate as i dont want to spent 150 $ to try them. I'm about 2000 rating in Canada. I play modern defense with a skyline 3 neo on the FH to attack any slow or high ball near the table or fishing when far from the table.

thank you

Author:  Ehimle [ 20 Jul 2017, 11:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: tsp millitall 2 sponge thickness

I have a brand new sheet of 1.3 if your interested in trading.

Author:  maddrag [ 20 Jul 2017, 23:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: tsp millitall 2 sponge thickness

trading ? what are you looking for. What country do you live ?

So did you play with the millitall 1.3mm. Can you make a review compare to 0.3-0.6 mm ?

Author:  maddrag [ 22 Jul 2017, 02:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: tsp millitall 2 sponge thickness

86 views on these questions and no answer. Why ??? Anybody played the TSP MIllitall ?

I need your info. please

Author:  skilless_slapper [ 24 Jul 2017, 03:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: tsp millitall 2 sponge thickness

Get spinlord gipfelsturm if you like to attack back spin. It sends back relatively dead balls unless you receive heavy spin. But it's great at using LP strokes to attack pushes and chops.

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