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 Post subject: Globe BW4 blade review
PostPosted: 09 Jan 2011, 23:36 
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The Globe Biao Wang 4 blade I tested weighed 80,5 grams and measured 15 by 15,8 mm. The blade comes lightly sealed, so I didn't do anything about it, just glued a Globe 999 Super (red, 1.8 mm) and a Globe 979 (black, OX) on, using a thin layer of diluted rubber cement. The glue rubbed off easily when I removed the rubbers later on. Being curious, I stuck a piece of a glue-sheet to a part of the surface and it came off again without problem, too, yet taking very small parts of fibre with it; so if anyone wanted to use a glue-sheet, some additional sealing would be sensible.
I don't know what kind of woods the blade is made off; there is a 3 mm thick whitish core which seems rather soft (and might be balsa), covered with two plies of much darker and harder wood, one about 1 mm and the top-layer very thin and hard.
The grip is concave, but only slightly curved and it is flattened in the same way as straight grips usually are in order to provide good feeling for the angle of the blade. It is stained blueish grey and darker blue, with red and yellow streaks resembling flames, probably because the blade is named "Burner".
Craftmanship is faultless.

The BW4 is a blade designed for modern (Chinese) defense. For a Chinese blade its touch is not hard, but it isn't European-like soft either. It has some flex, but remains pretty stiff all the same, which results in great control because the blade is not deformed in any way when you make contact with even very fast balls. Its speed is probably a European ALL or a Chinese DEF+, say 7 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10; control would be 9.5 to 10.

Blocking with this blade is extremely easy and accurate, both with LP and inverted, since it is completely predictable (that fact made me doubt if the core was balsa after all; maybe it is another kind of soft white wood, like willow). The blade doesn't really flex, so you have to take the pace off the ball yourself if you want it to be a drop-shot, but this can be done with ease. The blade is low-throw, though, so you have to get the feel for the right angle or balls will go into the net.
Flipping is easy to, because it is light-weight and stiff enough to generate speed with small movements.
Looping is pretty good, but only in the Chinese way, when you make pretty solid contact with the ball, getting it into the sponge. I tried European way of looping (long arm movement, brushing the ball) and couldn't get any speed at all. Even looping the Chinese way, the generated speed isn't very impressive, but spin is. Because of the low throw of the blade, arched loops stay relatively low, which makes it easy to attack with spin instead of with speed.
Hitting is fine and doesn't need a big movement; making solid contact with the ball, the blade produces good speed on quick kills.
Chopping is fantastic. I had no difficulty in landing even the fastest and spinniest of loops (robot-drills) on the table and could keep them very low over the net, loaded with backspin.
Spin-reversal with the LP is very high, probably because of the blade's rigidity.

Before, I have played with pretty heavy slow defensive blades, which allow attack from mid-distance too, and in the test-matches at first I had a hard time finding my distance to the table. As it turned out, with the BW4 for me it was best to be at medium distance (about 1.5 meters) for defensive chopping and looping or floating, and pretty close to the table for blocking, hitting and attacking with topspin.
Looping (or hitting) away from the table is no good for attack, since the blade doesn't generate enough speed for that. I exchanged the 2.0 mm rubber for a 2.2 mm (Globe National selection, orange sponge) and that hardly changed anything. Then I put on a 1.8 mm Globe 999 and got about the same speed and spin, but better touch.
Playing the BW4 with an LP on sponge is also good; I exchanged the 979 OX for a Dawei 338D 0.5 mm and still had great control and good reversal.

Al in all, this blade is probably a good, light-weight and rather cheap alternative for blades like the Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk or Joola Chen Weiching, when used for a modern defender's style which includes a great deal of topspin (not speed) attack. I don't think it would be equally suitable for a close to the table blocking style of defense. Also, since the blade is not really oversized, it wouldn't be especially well suited for classic defense away from the table. It might be best with not too thick inverted rubber on one side and on the other LP, MP, or SP with very thin sponge or OX, to make the most of its fine touch and control.

Without opponent, no match.


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PostPosted: 10 Jan 2011, 07:23 
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Thanks a lot Kees! There's been very little information on these blades!

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