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Schütt balsa Allround Alternative?
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Author:  AndySmith [ 21 Mar 2017, 08:36 ]
Post subject:  Schütt balsa Allround Alternative?

Hi all!

This is a weird one for me to explain, and I hold my hands up here and admit my ignorance. I know nothing about balsa blades that are suitable for long pips use.

Anyway, a clubmate of mine has used a Schütt balsa Allround blade for many, many years with 729 tackspeed and giant dragon long. It's falling apart and he wants to get another, but it's an old and pretty obscure blade so we're struggling. I had a look at it tonight and it looks like this to my eyes:

koto (thin) - koto (thicker) - balsa (approx 5mm)

Total thickness 6.9mm. According to the tt blades database, the Banco Balsa Speed and Spinlord First Strike use this composition but they're both rated as very fast blades, so they're probably out. Close is the Hunter Flame, which is koto-ayous-balsa.

Any ideas are gratefully received!

Author:  iskandar taib [ 21 Mar 2017, 16:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Schütt balsa Allround Alternative?

Post photos. Use a flatbed scanner, scan the face, scan the butt..

Worst comes to worst consult with Charlie or one of the other blade makers. I think a ~7mm balsa blade is going to be fast, no matter what, unless you do what Re-Impact does (cork layers, balsa face plies, etc.).


Author:  mikea [ 21 Mar 2017, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Schütt balsa Allround Alternative?

As far as I know the Schütt blades are made by Re-impact and are identical to the Imperial Re-Impact blades sold by Bribar: https://bribartt.co.uk/product-category ... turer=1210

I've played with the Spinlord Strike and it's a good blade - not that fast and plays well with pimples although I preferred it with thin sponge rather than Ox.

If your clubmate wants a balsa blade then I'd have thought that Re-impact would be the first stop.

Author:  AndySmith [ 21 Mar 2017, 18:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Schütt balsa Allround Alternative?

Thanks both!

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