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Comparison of Spinlord Defender VS Sword 309
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Author:  Cshock [ 19 Jul 2017, 22:25 ]
Post subject:  Comparison of Spinlord Defender VS Sword 309

Hello together,

I am new to this forum so hi everyone! Been reading here for a while but I feel like participating now :)

I am in the situation that I want to make a spare paddel with a new blade which might be the Spinlord Defender.

I am playing the sword 309 now which I like despite of the low wings (which I am gonna shorten though).

Can anyone tell me if these 2 are somewhat similar in terms of feel? I know that the plie difference is huge ( Defender 5 VS 309 9 plies) but ttdd.de suggests that they might be.

Has anyone tested the two and can give me advise on this?

Greetings from Germany!

Author:  Joy_Defense [ 13 Jun 2018, 20:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Comparison of Spinlord Defender VS Sword 309

Hi Patrick,

I'm also interesting to know about the comparison of these Two Defensive Blades. I already have bought a Sword 309 but still not yet really sets up to any rubbers, only testing it by pasting a used Donic Copa Jo rubber and for trying to get the forehand chop and spin feeling. It was really nice and the control was good too, as I can top spin with decent speed but besides that I could Forehand Chop really well too and the control feels good. I want to put for more decent control for forehand chop and also can block and counter spin by using a more slow rubber like Stiga Chop & Drive in 1.8mm which I have bought last time. So what do you think about both these two Defensive Blades, are Both Blades you have tried or anyone else on this Forums too ? What is your sets up for the blades (what rubbers being used)? And how does the game playing feels using your settings ?

I'm also interested on Spinlord Defender 2, has anyone tried ? Looking at you tube videos , that both these blades performs quite good and versatile for allround and modern defense.


Jollie - Joy Defense

Author:  pvb777 [ 29 Nov 2018, 22:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Comparison of Spinlord Defender VS Sword 309

I own a spinlord defender 2 blade and used to use it with marder 2 rubbers on both sides. It was fine for me for one season, but after that I discovered that my strengths lie more in the attacking domain. Haven't used it since. From what i remember the speed of the defender is average (all/all-) and it pairs well with different kinds of rubbers (Chinese and European). I don't have any experience with the sword 309 blade.

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