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PostPosted: 25 Oct 2017, 11:48 
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Blade: re-impact taichi plus
FH: tenergy 05 max
BH: hallmark friction special
I ordered re-impact Tachi Plus + Tenergy 05 max + Hallmark Friction Special 2 from Oak Shop http://tabletennisshop.com.au

I absolutely love the lightweight blade, because I am not a fast player , so every little bit to improve speed helps.

I used to use Joo Se Hyuk blade and I still love the Joo Se Hyuk forehand , good speed , Great for Serve , good flat-hit forehand kill blade, low trajectory. It was my perfect forehand blade.

So last Friday I chosed to play re-impact blade.

1. I won 60% of all my points using tomahawk backspin and tomahawk topspin serve ( I mix it and also mix location and speed )
( also pedalum backspin and topspin )
2. I won 30% via forehand flat-hit smash ( doesn't matter if it is low ball , high ball , topspin, backspin) as long as it is on my forehand, I killed it accurately.
3. I won 10% via left hand push blocking

Among our club I am consider one of the best server.

There was one guy at the club , always despise me, refuse to play with me for two years. I hate him actually it seems like he has his eyes on top of his head.
That day, he went to the club late, I also went to the club late, so he could not find a partner!!!

I took this opportunity to make him my first victim of re-impact blade, during warm up , I realize that my backhand setup fits my style 100%. The backhand setup allows for various strokes and deadly and VERY ACCURATE placement. I then start to test the forehand.
The forehand has GOOD spin but LACK power like Joo Se Hyuk's blade. I was able to serve spiny serve , but NOT exactly what I want. It is spiny but not fast for tomahawk fast serve or speed reverse tomahawk as shown in youtube world's fastest serve. So I was a little worried playing match with him.

So during the game, SURPRISE !!! SURPRISE !!!! I beat him 5 games to 0 . He was frustrated , he complaint to me that I took long breaks , I told him I took high blood pressure medication that requires me to catch more breathe than usual.
In another words , he WAS EMBARRASSED, making excuses !!!!!

I won by

30 % backhand block stroke ( close to the table)
30 % forehand flat-hit smash and win game instantly regardless of what kind of ball I received.
40% various tomahawk and pendalum serve

So my question is this , when would RE-IMPACT Turbo blade be available ?

I have a feeling if the Turbo blade has TAICHI PLUS's design on backhand and more powerful forehand like Joo Se Hyuk's blade, I would win even more games !!!!


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