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Yasaka Battle balsa blade ST
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Author:  man_iii [ 06 Jan 2018, 19:32 ]
Post subject:  Yasaka Battle balsa blade ST

Ordered YBB blade from T11.com.

I paired it with Yasaka Shining Dragon.

I will post details once I have played with it.


Update 1: Initial impressions, blade top ply seems to be almost as soft as balsa. I dragged the edge along the table side and got 4mm gash into the blade core :-P

Thick sponge sidetape is a must.

The blade feels very good but sweet spot is bang in the centre of the blade. Power only comes from fullon sweet spot contact.

The blade performs with balsa kick from soft pushes to full hit loop-drive smash.

I have never seen a straight point and land balsa blade and this YBB is it. Everything but loop goes in straight lines. Very surprising to opponents and player.

Superb control though touch faster ... Off+ soft balsa blade is how I got the feel.

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