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Short reviews of a few penhold blades
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Author:  Ma_Xin [ 01 Apr 2018, 14:33 ]
Post subject:  Short reviews of a few penhold blades

YEO: 5-ply, first custom setup, put Mark V on it without knowing much about rubbers, slow. Metal plate on handle fell off during tourney. Feels a bit cheap. Probably works well with Chinese rubbers.

(Below using Chinese rubbers FH/Euro BH)

Stiga Sense 7.6: Thin 7-ply with carbon powder, feels solid, plays a bit like a 5-ply, good speed/spin/control, throw angle a bit low

Stiga Intensity (current setup): 5-ply, soft feel, a bit uncontrollably bouncy initially, now perfect balance of good speed/great spin/good control. Not hard to hit through and make the inner ply release power on both FH/BH

Stiga Rosewood 5: 5-ply, empty feel, quite fast but dwell time too short, hard to do quality loops

DHS Hurricane Hao 2: TOO SLOW for poly balls, famed RPB doesn't feel superior to Intensity


Cypress JP II-S (with Sriver EL): 9mm. Not hard to transition from Cpen, similar pushing, speed decent but not great, throw a bit low for my liking

RSM G-max (with T05): 10mm, FAST, CRAZY, bounces everywhere. Jpen's low throw not really for me

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