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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2018, 06:54 
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Blade: Re-impact TURBO
FH: Tenergy 80FX 1.9
BH: TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2
My feelings about this blade have changed and feel I need to revisit it since completing my 6 Month trial.

The main factor for me is that although this is a combination blade designed to be used with different types of rubbers on either side. Eg; inverted on the fast side and pimples on the slower side.

During my six month trial that was my typical setup, inverted on the fast side with a variety of medium pimples used at different times on the slower side. If you are interested in that journey you can read about it on this forum.

I have given pimples away after more than two years of experimentation and use and have gone to inverted rubbers on both sides, so why did I do that you ask.

Well it's a long story and the clue is in my nickname that I have given myself on this forum and that is "Bionic". Last November I went under the surgeons knife again so now I have a full set of artificial joints, both knees and both hips. Although unlike Steve Austin the 6 Million Dollar man ( you older guys and gals will
know what I am talking about) the operation didn't make me '
better than I was' but they have meant that I am no longer as immobile as I was prior to surgery.

I used to stand right up at the tables and not move very well or at all making compensatory wrist movements to cover most angles on the table. Now I am learning to move again and I say learning because you have slowly build your trust and confidence in your new artificial limbs. Now that I am freed from being chained to the end of the table I have taken up the challenge of learning how to loop at the age of 65. Previously I had hardly any spin in my game and was reasonable flat hitter.

Now with inverted on both sides of my TURBO blade I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of learning how to loop and this journey has made me realise that in order for me to do justice to this blade I needed to revisit this forum and discuss the blade with my new experience and new perspective.

My current set up is Andro Impuls Power Sponge 2ml on the forehand and Andro Impuls Speed 2 ml on the backhand. Now the designer of this blade recommends using rubbers less than 1.7 ml so I have gone against his design recommendations because I felt that in order for me to learn to loop I needed a minimum of 2 ml thickness. I have heard of people looping with thinner rubbers but I doubt they would have learned the technique using them to start with.

Now I am at a very basic stage of learning how to loop so I am definitely in the novice category, but despite this I have found the TURBO blade very fast on both sides despite supposedly having a fast and slow side. I guess the rubbers I have used have evened out the speed with the added advantaged of having more control when looping with the slower side on my forehand, which is probably an unintended benefit of this blade design as I don't think Achim Rendler designed it with the intention of it being used with inverted rubbers on both sides.

In the hands of a power looper this blade would be an awesome weapon and yes Achim you were right when you said "I think you will love it" It has just taken me a while to realise it's full potential. So if you read about this blade in my 6 month trial and decided based on my opinions at that time that the blade wasn't for you you might want to reconsider that.

My blade has the 'Ships Screw' handle ( check out the pictures in my 6 month trial on this forum), which places the blade in the right angle for hitting and looping but allowances have to be made for individual technique idiosyncrasies.

The blade although thick is light because of the Balsa construction and so with inverted rubbers it is heavier is OX or rubbers under 1.7 ml were used but is not heavy when compared to many other standard blades I have used.

I have other expensive blades such as Darker P90 and a Blade By Charlie Nine which are now consigned to gather dust as I am liking and using only my TURBO. This is really something for me as people in my club got used to asking me every week what blade and rubbers are you using this week? I was a sad equipment junky.

Fell free to ask me questions if you are considering this blade, it is definitely unique and I will try to answer them as best I can.

The blade is both fast and has great control and touch on less active shots so for people with good techniques it could take you too a different level of experience.

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