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Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard
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Author:  haggisv [ 03 Apr 2018, 14:00 ]
Post subject:  Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

Some of you may have noticed a new Tenergy being listed on the latest LARC 2018A

This may be just a Tenergy 05 with a firmer sponge, but of course they would not have needed to create a seperate listing on the LARC if only the sponge changed.

There are also a few other Butterfly names on the list that we've not seen on the market yet, like:

028 Dignics 05 In
029 Dignics 80 In
030 Dignics 64 In
031 Tenergy 05N In
032 Tenergy 09C In

It's pretty obvious they're trying to cash in not only on the Tenergy name, but also on the 05, 80 and 64. :lol:

Does anyone have any further information on any of these rubbers?

Author:  iskandar taib [ 03 Apr 2018, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

Yeah, you wonder about Dignics. Apparently 05, 80 and 64 refer to particular topsheet configurations (pips density, height, etc.) using the Tenergy topsheet rubber formulation, so if they're reusing the numbers, then maybe they're using the same configurations with a different rubber formula. Or maybe the same pips attached to an ultra-thin top layer (thin top layers seem to be in vogue). I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. And then there's Tenergy 09! Wonder why the "C". "Chop"??


Author:  Danthespearton HQ [ 04 Apr 2018, 06:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

I'm very curious as to what Dignics will be, maybe they are trying to make use of their Micro Layer feature combined with Tenergy? Also, if what Iskandar says is true about the C referring to "Chop" and this new Tenergy is going to be catered towards a more defensive rubber, oh yeeesss I am going to try that out if this speculation is accurate. My only wish is that it would retain a hardness of at least 35 on Butterfly's scale, 'cause honestly even Tenergy 05 doesn't feel that hard, and I'm using the GPS version of Mark V.

Author:  haggisv [ 15 Sep 2018, 20:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

Here is what it looks like:

Tenergy_05_hard.jpg [ 36.82 KiB | Viewed 616 times ]

Author:  igorponger [ 16 Sep 2018, 09:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

From what we can see, it would be an Anti-dust T05 rubber surface to repel a dust scurf away. Non tacky rubber formula. A good thing for using in Africa desert with a dusty, sandy flooring.


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