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PostPosted: 17 May 2018, 20:50 
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soft rubbers definitely help in looping deep backspin balls they can almost give the feeling of catching and lifting the ball over the net

e.g. slowish non tensor:- LKT rapid soft, Gewo return drive etc....

faster tensors:- Xiom Vega Europe DF, Rakza 7 soft etc. etc...


PostPosted: 17 May 2018, 21:10 
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OOAK Super User

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iskandar taib wrote:
"Looping a slice" is a matter of technique, something you should practice outside of playing games. Lots of videos on YouTube about it, too. And easier to do on the forehand than on the backhand, and fairly difficult as shots go. Your rubbers are fine, it's the technique that needs work.


Yes and no. True someone with good technique can loop vs chop with almost any rubber, but some make it a lot easier than others. T05 is famous in this regard. The catch is (TT equipment always has a catch) it makes receiving really tricky.

My suggestion on your problem with opponents chop to the bh is to handle it with tactics instead of equipment or technique. This is something NL talked to me about after I'd been competing for two years already. Obviously at some point you want to feel confident looping backsin on your bh, but for now, serve dead or topspin or side-top, or move the ball to your opponent's fh (most people will push back to your fh) where everyone has a weaker push, learn to pivot and open with your stronger fh vs pushes to your bh.

There are many things you can do to break unfavorable play patterns and the better you get at table tennis the more this skill at recognizing and controlling play takes over the game. At higher levels everyone has good baseline skills, but relative srrengths and weaknesses are always present. Winners learn to recognize how points are being won and lost and force the play into patterns they tend to win.

Starting to do that now will do more for your game later than any other technique or equipment, or anything else you could do, imo. Play patterns should drive your training priorities, which serves you learn, and eventually what equipment you choose.

So when people say equipment doesn't matter very much it's true, but not exactly for the reason that is usually given.

Table tennis, as we find it, is far too hard for us. It brings too much pain, too many disappointments, impossible tasks.

Freud -- Table Tennis and Its Discontents

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