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PostPosted: 11 May 2019, 02:14 
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So..... I guess I'm starting a blog.
My equipment is in my signature and basically, let's say I was inspired by Yuto Muramatsu and Joo Sae Hyuk; nowadays, I also like Ding Song, Hou Yingchao, and Satoshi Aida. I also love watching almost all the other pro defenders like Filus, Gionis, etc.

Started TT at my church roughly 3 years ago near the end of 8th grade (11th grade right now) with no knowledge of this being a sport beforehand; I sucked, and through grinding and spending hours of my life in front of the mirror and shadow practicing, I've reached this point lol. My game is really exciting this year because I'm finally starting to get decent rallies! I went to the Potomac recreational center (the one on Falls Road, in Maryland) 2 days ago on Wednesday and they have a TT club in the gym, but you need to pay a 5$ fee to play in it if you're not a member so me and my dad always play at the 2 tables at the front 'cause it's free; met 2 really nice people, one was formerly 1900 (said he hadn't played in 10 months I think? or years I forget) and his name was Johnny, really nice dude! Also, he looked uncannily like Jun Mizutani when he played, the way he hit his forehands, the way he lobbed back with his BH, and his face... he squints his face in each shot, and before serving, just like Mizutani! I got to play doubles with him on my team, and my dad and one of the Chinese guys who come to the rec center regularly, and I don't remember if we won or not, but we definitely did well. Played him 1 on 1 afterwards and I was surprised I was able to beat him. The other guy I haven't mentioned yet, his name is Clarence (hopefully I spelled his name right) and he told me he was about 1800; we played 1 on 1 and I lost. However, I was very happy with the way I played and they both complimented me, saying that my BH chop was heavy. I also got in like 3-4 BH SP points a la Yuto Muramatsu :P :rock: but when he lifted my pushes/chops to my FH side, I had trouble because I thought they were heavy with topspin, so when I chopped them, they hit the net instead of popping up like I expected. I think the score of the first set was like 3, 4 - 11 as a result. Made me feel more confident in my ability to play well against other people, since I literally play with my dad only like 99% of the time. So.... this is my first post in my blog. Comments welcome :P

Blade: Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive FL
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PostPosted: 30 Jul 2019, 11:24 
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Dan, what's your technique like chopping with short pips?

Seeking joy and fitness in recreational modern defense.
My blog: "Two rubbers, one racket"
Kill the game against long Pimps with Coach Li!

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