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My analysis - Ma Long vs Zhang Jike Olympics 16-Helpful tips
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Author:  samurai [ 11 Oct 2017, 23:59 ]
Post subject:  My analysis - Ma Long vs Zhang Jike Olympics 16-Helpful tips

Guys,i would like to highlight out couple of things for the new/intermediate players(I include myself as well :)

Watch one match at a time full match-for example Ma Long vs Zhang Jike Olympics 2016 final
1)First two points highlighted the importance of good opening flick against certain serves.Opens up the point immediately.Lesson learn start learning the flick and just dont keep pushing.
2)In most of the backhand to backhand counters/drives Ma long was winning.More practise with more controlled speed drives.Zhang Jike was more passive on those rallies.Lesson master your backhand drives.Even the best forehand player in the world Ma Long needs his backhand.
3)Ma long was more confident on rotating to use forehand on his backhand side .Prepared to give certain points to Zhang jike say 25 to 30% when zhang jike hit straight down the line from his backjhand counter.
Even with score of 11-9 the one with 11 wins the set(say 11 to Ma long- can be scored if you are sure of your forehand and footwork.Scoring down the line consistently is very difficult.So one needs to be playing controlled aggressive).
4)Be aware of the angles.You allow the ball to have more speed and spin when you are hitting diagonally,forehand to forehand or backhand to backhand.Many people forget in match situations the basic rule and try a big swing from close the net to down the line.60 to 70% you will lose the point.Analyse the match to see where they hit their shots in certain situations .Why they didnt hit it somewhere else.
5)Have 2 of your best serves(mostly short) and try hitting third balls on them in actual matches wherever you play.People keep practising forehand topspin forget rest.Particularly those with no coaches.In the video you will note that each person was trying to hit third ball immediately in most situations
6)Most imp-Read the spin on incoming balls and its placement on your side(short or deep).I might have wasted good 6 months to 1 year until I heard from an expert that i didnt read the incoming spin on float balls too well.Hence i dragged it long.Similarly in this match find the heavy top spins compared to more speedy topspins.
Watch Waldner vs Joo se hyuk to analyse my mistake of float balls.Joo se hyuk wont hit chops on all balls .It is way too predictable.So occasionaly he will mix in float balls but maintaining the chop action.
7)How is topspin serve imparted via a regular pendulum serve.This is a question to those who are learning because I had never understood this well 6 months after I started playing.Now think of the answer similar to watching and analysing the videos.I had no coach and I used to the think the pros have some extremely hidden techniques that I may not learn.I never understood this serve until I stumbled upon such a post and I literally taught the concept to many of my friends who started with me and they werent aware either.

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