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What should I have done?
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Author:  Der_Echte [ 03 Dec 2017, 18:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: What should I have done?

Japsican wrote:
Agreed with everyone above. You should have lobbed him till he forfeited. That's his choice, and terrible sportsmanship on HIS behalf.
Exploiting your opponent's weaknesses, including physical limitations is EXACTLY what the sport is about. The object is to make your opponent miss! Playing nice in a competitive situation is hogwash.

If no lateral movement, go wide. Can't reach, go high. Too short, drop it short or go high. Can't loop, give underpin. Slow reaction time, give fast serves.
I played a guy missing one eye. Yes, I went to that side as often as I could.
I fought a guy on a bad knee, yes, I went after that knee.
It is your opponent's responsibility to devise a strategy to mitigate his weaknesses, not you.

He was just protecting his ego. Next time, crush him with lobs and anything else that makes him miss.

In general and in spirit of "Fair England" I would be so totally against all this in principle, but for one thing makes all the difference.

This guy was wearing a uniform and showed up to the court. THERFORE, it is time to STOP asking if he is alright or fit to compete, he showed up in uniform to compete, so it is the duty of the player to defeat him as a Warrior should. PERIOD.

Author:  Red_lion [ 07 Dec 2017, 12:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: What should I have done?

If playing in a tournament, win at all cause! Of course should be legal and moral.

I have my own experience. I was playing a man ( polio victim ) with one short leg. His mobility is limited and it was my first time to play him. During the first game, I was trying not to give him wide return.

In the end, he beat me 3-0. I later learned that he belongs to the national team ( Paralympics ) :lol: . I could not beat him even I do all my tricks.

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