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 Post subject: VR and table tennis
PostPosted: 14 Feb 2018, 19:40 
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What would the influence on table tennis be if virtual reality hardware is developed, and someone would make a quality table tennis game. People could have their strokes corrected better than ever, try different kinds of material for free :devil:. Would it mean people would stop to really see each other since they can also play on VR, removing the social aspect of table tennis?

I think the possibility of training software is really awesome, everyone would have access to good/the best coaches, it might hurt the development of new materials because the research might be hard to earn back. I doubt the social aspect would go away, because it's the most important part for a lot of players I know.

Would love to hear your opinions on these points, and if you have any other points please bring them up.


 Post subject: Re: VR and table tennis
PostPosted: 14 Feb 2018, 20:00 
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coupled with touchable / tactile holograph and adequate internet connection,

I would like to participate in this forum league! :)

(and btw, the aforementioned technology would take every NSFW activities to whole new level :P )

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 Post subject: Re: VR and table tennis
PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018, 02:13 
Goes to 11
Goes to 11
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I came across this a couple years back. Can't believe they've actually managed to get it this realistic.

Don't know about the "dope" part, though... for those two "dopey" would be more like it... :lol:


 Post subject: Re: VR and table tennis
PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018, 07:54 
I am Legend
I am Legend
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That's a pretty old game. I think it was the 2nd game I bought for my 360. Was fun. Looked realistic-ish.

I've had a go on a few different VR hardware so far, not all of them are capable of doing proper VR for fast reaction sports. And it would definitely have trouble picking up the fine adjustment you have in TT. Maybe in a couple of years.

Chasse Patate


 Post subject: Re: VR and table tennis
PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018, 08:50 
Kim Is My Shadow
Kim Is My Shadow
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The great thing about table tennis is the variety of styles and equipment. To duplicate how that performs, coupled with speed, spin of the ball, speed and angle of impact of the bat on ball, the table, pimple structure, sponge hardness, different types and materials used in bats, the need for personal touch and feel... very difficult to duplicate what it's like to play in the real world.

Biomechanic software and hardware is being developed. Personally, I like the physical exercise involved in "real life" activities. I like the feel of sweat and fatigue in muscles, I like the interaction and banter with other humans - it means I'm alive. You can develop the software, you can develop algorithms for how a ball will react according to style and ability but "what is the right way" to play this game. Everyone copies Ma Long, then Ma Long is superseded by another player and then another. Imagine using VR to clone Ma Long's technique in "me" only to find it's no longer "the style". One of the great things about coaching isn't about creating VR clones, it's about identifying what works for an individual and trying to help them improve on that. If someone has an unconventional style and it works for them, I don't want to "coach it out of them" or "clone it out of them" in a VR world with VR technology. Only if it's holding them back and they want to change would it be right to do so.

If you consider humans on a mass scale you can claim some predictability and reliability on those predictions, but when you consider individuals on a one to one basis it's a different matter. How would a VR system accommodate my L5 S1 microdiscectomy and my physical ability now?

Keep table tennis "real" not virtual. VR can supplement that process, it can enhance that process but it can't replace it and I hope it never can.

 Post subject: Re: VR and table tennis
PostPosted: 15 Feb 2018, 23:58 
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Been keeping my eye on Racket Fury Table Tennis on Steam for quite some time now. It's the first VR table tennis game that actually incorporates top spin/backspin and some side spin into the game. Which is the first of many attempts at Table Tennis VR. While it still has some work to go, I'm super excited for the potential this game has.

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