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If you seldom make posts on this forum please read this.
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Author:  Debater [ 02 Apr 2009, 10:59 ]
Post subject:  If you seldom make posts on this forum please read this.

It's been commented elsewhere that although there are currently 1256 registered members, only a handful regularly make posts on this forum.

I'm curious to find out why this is, so:

if you usually read the threads here and seldom post replies please please please make a post now and say why it is you seldom make posts.

Or, if you used to be one of the silent majority, share your experience of how or why you started posting and what you now get out of it.

To start the ball rolling, I joined back in June 2008 and only posted a couple of times on a topic I was researching. After that I stopped because

1. I didn't think I had anything useful to contribute (since found out you don't have to, just asking questions is a valuable asset to the forum)
2. Couldn't figure out how to make a post - the fact that you can't go back in to text you've already typed still irks me as I often want to do this and end up cutting and pasting everywhere
3. Was worried I'd make a mistake, upset someone or be mis-interpreted - I did make a mistake but support was soon forthcoming and everyone was very understanding, so I needn't have worried on that score.

Now I've got a bit more confidence I post because, well it's good to "talk" and share and by posting I can get a direct answer to a question rather than waiting and hoping someone will post the question I wanted to ask.

Posts are the life blood of any forum and everyone has the right to decide whether they do or don't want to post and no one is being judged, so please feel free to ignore my request.


Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 02 Apr 2009, 12:50 ]
Post subject: 

I seldom post because I see people's opinions getting attacked all the time and I don't want mine attacked! :oops: :roll: :twisted:

Author:  metal monkey [ 02 Apr 2009, 13:09 ]
Post subject: 

I have been here awhile now, and I am also registered on the other table tennis forums. I did seldom post in the beginning as I was afraid of making to look like an ass incase I was wrong and posted false info.
Just asking questions usually makes a good topic starter, and gets the ball rolling.
One main reason that I can think off why? People dont post is that this is mainly a long pimple community and the majority dont use it, therefore like to read up on how it works or so on, but not participate.


Author:  poor_knight [ 02 Apr 2009, 14:55 ]
Post subject: 

so far the two people to reply to this post have almost 9000 posts between them! :roll:

I guess people who REALLY don't post much probably won't post here either... :wink:

Author:  supachop [ 02 Apr 2009, 20:32 ]
Post subject: 

hello. i check in every day and read every post.
i just never have much to say.

Author:  GrumpyJoe [ 02 Apr 2009, 20:34 ]
Post subject: 

RebornTTEvnglist wrote:
I seldom post
LMAO!!! What ever dude!

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 02 Apr 2009, 20:46 ]
Post subject: 

Well Supachop am I correct to assume you are the same Supachop that comes from Bendigo and is good mates with Rob?

GJ, there are minutes, sometimes even hours, that I seldom post! :P :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  supachop [ 02 Apr 2009, 20:51 ]
Post subject: 

yes mate. its me.

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 02 Apr 2009, 20:57 ]
Post subject: 

Well it seems your post count is now as high as it is on Rob's forum! :lol: :lol:

Loving the Enforce btw. :wink: (even the ST handle).

Edit: about you not having much to say... a guy of your skill could impart a lot of knowledge here. 8)

Author:  supachop [ 02 Apr 2009, 21:06 ]
Post subject: 

i dont post much there either.
the enforce is a very good blade. glad you like it. rob told me that you wanted to try one, so. had plenty of other blades to try. never got around to trying myself.
i will just get rob to get me another one.

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 02 Apr 2009, 21:18 ]
Post subject: 

I know you don't post there much either. Cos I've seen Rob exclaim when you have popped up lol.

Apparently they don't make the Enforce any more! :roll:

But you're right, its a great blade. It has a nice feel to it. Rob said you used it once, but sounds like he got it wrong.

When is the Bendigo Vets this year? In June?

Author:  supachop [ 02 Apr 2009, 21:25 ]
Post subject: 

i used it for 5 minutes. im sure that its still available. sometimes i have to tell rob what he can get.
i dont post much there because i see him so often.

bedigo vets is on 19th april.. entrys close monday. i will be taking them at croydon on sunday.

Author:  haggisv [ 02 Apr 2009, 21:38 ]
Post subject: 

Welcome to the forum supachop!

Glad you joined, and I do you stcik around and enjoy it here, and feel comfortable enough to chip in when you see an interesting topic :wink:

Author:  Mars63 [ 02 Apr 2009, 22:21 ]
Post subject: 

Hi supachop,
welcome I know this is a little off the topic but did I spy you playing at the Croydon tournament a couple of weeks ago, if it was you I noted you from clips on Rob's site.
Do you ever venture up to Dandy or Croydon for a hit?


Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 02 Apr 2009, 22:25 ]
Post subject: 

Mars I'd say there's a fair chance he would have been at Croydon. I've never spied him at Dandy though. I think he would beat you in most games! :shock: That's how good he is!! :wink:

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