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Butterfly Amicus (2014 Basic, Advance, Pro) Owners Thread
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Author:  phamster [ 09 Dec 2016, 09:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Amicus (2014 Basic, Advance, Pro) Owners Threa

hey guys.. long time no posting in this forum..

just did a 4 ball program to improve forehand and wide forehand and recovering backhand and then a middle backhand

this sequence it seems to used often in a match so i had to make something that simulates match play.

Author:  amkrad1 [ 06 Jan 2017, 09:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Amicus (2014 Basic, Advance, Pro) Owners Threa

I have sort of figured out some of the programming to this robot. However, still a little uncertain how to use correctly the S1 or S2 two functions.

I know as one as a service but I can't figure out for the life of me why you would want two serves in a row in a sequence unless just practicing service return?

Is there a way one can use two separate programmed serves to begin a 4 or 5 ball sequence as a randomly choose S1 or the other(s2) start to a programmed rally of 4 or 5 ball sequence...

That would be cool if you could program a short backspin sidespin serve (say S1) and a short side no spin serve or short topspin sidespin (say as S2) as the beginning of a 3+ ball sequence w random assignment of the serve and then keep the remaining balls as is...
or perhaps program a 4 ball sequence twice and have it choose randomly to play though 1 or 2 of these??

Say I call drill #1 as: S1 (backspin side spin serve to BH) then follow it with usual drills (say long backspin return with ball#2 to BH, then I loop with ball#3 from Amicus being a topspin deep to BH) and #4 ball is again a topspin to wide FH

then do drill #2 with 4 ball sequence with S2 (no spin) then I return with BH flick, #2 ball is topspin back to my BH (I loop ) then #3 is again topspin to BH (I loop again) then #4 is topspin to FH (I loop/smash)

with these latter 2 programmed can I randomly have the robot choose between #1 and #2 drills so I practice randomly returning serves and also playing out points?
Please advise.


Author:  tcollanu [ 12 Jan 2017, 21:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Butterfly Amicus (2014 Basic, Advance, Pro) Owners Threa


Hope this message comes to the right address ...

Anyway, our table tennis team has new Amicus Advance -robot. I´m trying to figure out how it works. Do somebody know,

- how "Reset"-function works (two buttons in the panel)?
- is it possible to clear a memory place which has allready been programmed?

Thank you in ADVANCE! :) :)


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