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Amicus Advance Review by Wilkinru
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Author:  XzVr [ 16 Nov 2016, 02:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Amicus Advance Review by Wilkinru

Ragnolo wrote:

If you want buy an amicus used, pay attention at the 3 wheels for made spin..
Professional is better than advance..but need to know what do you want from a tennis table robot..

Sorry for my english..

Thanks! I'm looking at different options right now also buying used, so far just looking at possible deals this black Friday sales, crossing fingers. If not I'm looking at Amicus Advance brand new or get used Professional.

I'm not sure if I can maximize all features of Professional but still may consider getting one. I do need/want different spins and placement in between balls simulating an actual rally, just not sure if I need all 99 programmable slots. But if you can tell me any other feature that the Professional can do better than the Advance, I'd like to know more. (ie. cluster?) I don't play competitive tournament style table tennis, just with friends and work (tournament) but did play when I was younger representing my school. I do like to learn returning tricky spinny serves, and loop deep fast underspin balls on my forehand. For spinny serves, I already know the principle on how to read it and return it, just need to practice it (Pingskills videos I subscribe years ago). Also, I wanted to simulate playing with an opponent at home (kids are still young and getting them interested playing the game) at the same time getting a good exercise and therapy for my knee (ACL surgery about 6 weeks ago). Thanks!

Author:  Ragnolo [ 16 Nov 2016, 10:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Amicus Advance Review by Wilkinru

Professional can simulate rally with 8 balls, Advance 6 but this is not a big difference..
Professional can made balls with insane spin, but this is a not important quality for an amateur player
Professional has 99 memory positions, Advance only 22; for me not big problem
Professional has USB interface for next upgrade.. Advance not.. for me this is a problem, because i would every time a robot upgradable.. Amicus is so expensive and i don't want a robot in 2/3 years obsolete..
But at the last, if you aren't a competitive player, Advance will be the best choice for you.. but if you like to try the competition.. no buds.. Professional. Why? Coz the difference between the prices aren't big and Amicus Professional has the "sparring" functions complex and complete for improve tennis table movements.
But remember.. robot can't to be a real partner in your tennistable pratique..

Author:  kinjo [ 17 Nov 2016, 18:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Amicus Advance Review by Wilkinru

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