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Amicus Pro Fault ?
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Author:  RogerH [ 17 Aug 2016, 22:48 ]
Post subject:  Amicus Pro Fault ?

I have a fault with my Amicus Professional Robot which I bought only a couple of months ago, via Table Tennis Tables of Dunmow, England.

It has stopped working and I have the E1 flashing and all the orange lights flash. I read the manual and it said that it is a ball jam and it needs clearing. I stopped the machine. Took the head off , removed all the balls from the head , and also from the the base of the machine. Put the machine back together and it still does not work , E1 flashing, plus all the orange lights still. I double checked to ensure there were not balls left in head or base, but still not joy. As I was checking that the robot was totally empty, I noticed that there sounds as if something is loose and rattling in the base. Also, when I switched the robot back on to try it, I noticed that the spring wheel that re-cycles the balls into the base of the machine does not spin round.

Anyone had this problem or shed any light or any bright ideas ? I have sent email to `Manfred` but still awaiting his reply.

I assume that the robot will have to be returned for repair ? As it was only bought a couple of months ago, it obviously will still be under warranty.

Author:  wilkinru [ 18 Aug 2016, 01:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Amicus Pro Fault ?

As always check all of the connections. It's possible one of the cables came loose for that motor. Otherwise sounds broken.

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