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Q & A about Plastic balls - by ITTF's Torsten Küneth
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Author:  igorponger [ 10 Feb 2019, 09:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Q & A about Plastic balls - by ITTF's Torsten Küneth


please be so kind as to clarify a question we now encounter oftentimes at our domestic events..

-- Would all those Butterfly rubbers of past production prior to 2014. with the older logos, still be valid for official play?


Author:  Torsten [ 22 Feb 2019, 07:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Q & A about Plastic balls - by ITTF's Torsten Küneth

Unfortunately, the image does not show. Which of the Butterfly brands is it about?

But generally, if a brand still appears on the LARC list, then a rubber is still legal for ITTF, even if the logo has changed. ITTF Regulation just requires the supplier, brand, ITTF logo and -if any- the ITTF Number to be printed on the rubber. The exact logo is not part of the LARC. See here: https://www.ittf.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2018ITTFHandbook_v2.pdf_0.pdf

Of course such logo change should happen as rarely as possible (so that detecting fake products is not getting unnecessary difficult) and requires that no change of the rubber's properties is made. For example, if the butterfly just gets a new shape, authorization would normally be continued. (Without any guarantee regarding future decisions -I am not in charge of rubbers.)

Author:  Torsten [ 22 Feb 2019, 07:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Q & A about Plastic balls - by ITTF's Torsten Küneth

Torsten wrote:
Update for pictures of both ball stamps and racket coverings: They will return, because everyone amongst ITTF staff in charge agrees that it is useful.
The main reason why the pictures disappeared was, like I assumed, transition issues from the old to the new ITTF website.
The accordingly redesigned picture database is currently still worked on, and the plan is to bring it online roughly by end of January 2019.

Edit: I know it's not done yet. The usual delay issue in IT projects. No change of the decision to do it. I'll keep you posted when I know or see it's going live.

Author:  igorponger [ 18 May 2019, 05:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Q & A about Plastic balls - by ITTF's Torsten Küneth

Dear Torsten,
Thank you a lot for keeping us informed about ITTF EQ current activities.
-- I did found out that some China-made rubber products still using a false ITTF logo.
-- I did found out some Chinese rubber manufacturers (those entering in the ITTF LARC 2019) do keep producing and marketing oily liquids with boosting effect, which is now prohibited by ITTF T4 Regulations. Effective: 01 Jan 2018
6. Supplier’s responsibilities
Suppliers that produce, market, sell, or are otherwise associated with illegal substances and
treatments may not apply for authorisation of any racket covering. Their equipment will not be
permitted to appear on the LARC, and may not use the ITTF logo.
I will gladly provide to you even more information, just give me a request on my PM.

Yours sincerely
Igor Novick.

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