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PostPosted: 05 May 2017, 15:00 
Rambo Looper Spin First Ask Questions Later
Rambo Looper Spin First Ask Questions Later
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Japsican wrote:
Here are some of mine that I posted on another forum:

“Cho-Guy”: Over cho-ers. People who cho for ever point, even a faulted serve, or a net/edge.

“Let-Guy”: There is a guy at my club that calls a let for everything in the club. (Der_Echte knows this joker). If a ball comes within a table, he lets. If you a guy goes for a loose ball 3 tables over…let. If the door opens…let. If the fluorescent lighting whines too loudly…let. Cat walks across floor too loudly…let. Seismic activity in the pacific ocean…. LET. And then he verbally berates people. I don’t even approach this donk anymore for a hit.

“Refuses to pick up a ball during practice-Guy”: There is a guy that if you practice or play him, and the ball falls on the ground on HIS side of the table, instead of picking it up and giving it to you, he flicks it on the floor or kicks it on the floor to your side for you to pick it up. He has no idea how rude that is, and I had to give him a lecture.

“Thank You-Guy”: When you fault a serve, and your opponent says, “thank you” snidely. You are already pissed off that you had a lapse in concentration and gave up a free point, but they rub it in your face by thanking you for it. Visions of murder and dismemberment run through my head when this occurs.

I know exactly who you are talking about and his frustration at let situations in a club given that size is maybe 1000x the normal reasonable player.

I usually cut him a lot of slack, because Der_Echte is by far the loudest complainer of conditions that foster let ball situations.

Some of the easy stuf that can be done there...The walls could have golf putting green grass for 5 ft or loose curtain (so ball hits wall and stays there while allowing room) and they could put red skirts on the table so if a ball hits it, it usually bounces back to where it came from and distraction is minimized.

What I do not like about his attitude is he expects you to practice with perfect placement. Therefore, Der_Echte is the worst possible practice partner for him. My first hit or FH block doesn't go perfectly to the middle of the hitting zone. I can block like a motor scooter on BH, so I have value to most.

Still, sine I am one of the few if not the only one who is very vocal loud when frustrated over conditions, I cut him more slack, since my attitude can be pretty crappy sometimes. I make up for it in a hundred other ways, but in actuality, Der_Echte makes that guy look like child's play in the complaining dept. I lose SO MANY points in league on let conditions that I cannot practically call and get so huff and puff red in the face it wouldn't bother me if anyone factually listed Der_Echte as a irritating force.

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