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PostPosted: 23 May 2012, 22:03 
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There are some serves that the spin is so strong that it always goes to a certain side of the table. And I just cant control those serves. How do you receive them? :)



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PostPosted: 23 May 2012, 22:28 
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TheBearThatIsGolden wrote:
There are some serves that the spin is so strong that it always goes to a certain side of the table. And I just cant control those serves. How do you receive them? :)
I mostly try to counter incoming spin. As you say, sometimes there is so much spin that it's hard to control. In that case my next option would be to continue the spin. Also if the serve is very predictable (or you are a good reader of spin) you may be able to hit the ball near the axis of spin.

I elaborated on those points in another post. Click here to find it.

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PostPosted: 23 May 2012, 23:58 
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In case of high spin serves (and incoming shots in general), the worst response is to be passive. Spinny serves require active returns. By that I mean a dead bat will not be good enough (unless the touch is great and the reading is very accurate).

If the serve is long (second bounce outside table), something that helps me personally is to take a step back and take a bigger swing than just using my wrist in a flip. It gives me more control and more time to see the ball

If serve is short, use the bat for directing the spin. As Keme mentioned, sometimes you can bypass the spin by aiming for the axis. For example, if its purely sidespin and a little high and short, flat hitting near the top of the ball is a good response as you encounter least spin effect on the rubber.

And as the last and most important point, practice different returns of same serve a lot. flips, short directional pushes , sidespin "slices" etc. Nothing can beat hours of work on this because serve recieve is one of those strokes that is heavily dependent on touch apart from just technique. Which is why having hours and hours of experience in reading and placing is so important.

Last 2 weeks, I have been working on serve receive drills and have been able to beat players in 3 sets those I went 5 sets with, with almost immediate effect!

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PostPosted: 24 May 2012, 16:20 
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Please see my illustration. The serve follows the red line, a side spin and backspin serve. The player never returns this type of serve by pushing with a paddle angle into the curve of the ball, always push away from the curve. Note that this paddle angle is so extreme that if there was no spin on the ball the return would go to A. the server expects the return to go to B. But the return can go to C with practice. You really MUST aim OFF the table. I see pros use this all the time when I slow down the video. They aim WAY off the table! And they simply return with a push, with a crazy looking blade angle!

My illustration shows an extreme blade angle and the paddle being pushed very forward. This can work against extreme spin.

serv-return-vs-spin2.jpg [ 76.45 KiB | Viewed 1878 times ]

My paddle has a weird shape, looks like the one in my avatar image.

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