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70 hours serve regiment[need help]
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Author:  Bars [ 07 Nov 2017, 03:50 ]
Post subject:  70 hours serve regiment[need help]

I have 70 hours to dedicate to serve practice. Im new to tt, what should it consist of. Are there games or goals to have.

Spin, speed, placement

Author:  iskandar taib [ 07 Nov 2017, 11:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: 70 hours serve regiment[need help]

How new are you to TT? Maybe start here:

and go on from there (there's more videos in the series). This one already has stuff you can spend 2-3 hours practicing - the bed serve, the floor serve.. and that's before you even get to the table.. :lol: These are worth practicing, even if you've been playing for years. (ESPECIALLY if you've been playing for years, in some cases...)

Things to work on, in my opinion:

1) Getting good spin on the ball.
2) Disguising the spin you have on the ball.
3) Placement - short, fast serves.

Also perhaps do serve-and-return drills with someone. Play points, alternate serves every point or two points, don't keep score.


Author:  Bars [ 12 Nov 2017, 13:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: 70 hours serve regiment[need help]

Thanks taib! Ive played for a year n a month now. Ive watched all of his videos many times, ill watch them beforehand n keep them in mind.
Is there anything i should be thinking about? Or serving games i could do?

I've edged my way to a 1700 rating
I'll look out for the ninja serve assister

Author:  WorkoutMontage [ 13 Nov 2017, 19:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: 70 hours serve regiment[need help]

Hi bars,

Great to see you doing this. Most people would rather 'improve' their game by buying new rubbers. 70 hours of serve practice will produce real results.

1. Choose one serve action.
2. Practice until it's really spinny.
3. Practice until it's very short, 2 or 3 bounces on the table.
4. Practice a different spin with the same action. You should be able to do side under, side, side top with a few steps in between. Eg heavy under, medium under, light under etc. Just a few variations. Experiment by adjusting various body mechanics and timings to see what it produces.
5. Practice puttng these serves at different locations on the table. Both direction and depth. Long serves should bounce near the white line, otherwise it should be short and bounce at least twice. Directionally, try middle of the table, diagonal (second bounce near corner) and more extreme angles.
6. Practice getting the serves low over the net. The lower they are, the faster and more difficult they can be to receive. After the toss, wait for the ball to drop lower. See how low you can contact the ball. You may need to experiment with bat angle.

And the most important thing to practice...

7. After every serve, return to a suitable ready position, ready for your opponent to attack. Don't just stand there. It's a bad habit. Maybe at first you can ignore this point in favour of getting a rhythm going, but after you first 20 hours or so, you should be comfortable enough to add this step to your routine.

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