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Short pips with long pips racket
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Author:  mattfisher [ 10 Sep 2017, 12:43 ]
Post subject:  Short pips with long pips racket

What do you think about this combination?
I mainly chop against topsin like a chopper
But i wanna be annoying in the pushing game as well.
So with a pushed ball i can smack it with short pips, bump with long pips or hit with long pips.

How is this setup in theory for a chopper?

Author:  LordCope [ 10 Sep 2017, 13:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Short pips with long pips racket

I played with SP/LP for quite a long time. It's a fun style. The advantages are:

- opponents less used to dealing with a SP FH will make more errors
- SP is great for hitting through weak returns
- SP is relatively easy to use to 'lift' backspin

There are, however, many disadvantages:

- There's not enough variation in spin between the two - so it's harder to load up the spin on the FH and then use it with the BH
- Your service reportoire will be more limited
- You're restricted to playing close to the table - SP lose their effectiveness quite quickly as you give your opponent more time
- You lack options with your FH - you can't do a genuinely slow spinny loop, and it's hard to hook or fade the ball from out wide
- Against stronger players who don't just make mistakes because pips, you lose one of the advantages and the impact of the disadvantages becomes more pronounced

That said, it's plenty of fun. If you wanted to try it out I still have a large stock of SP and LP rubbers you could have a go on.

Author:  skilless_slapper [ 11 Sep 2017, 17:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Short pips with long pips racket

With spinny pips, you really don't lose a ton of spin variations. I use the SP/LP much of the time, for the chopping game. About the only thing you really give up are the heavy loops and those sorts of high spin shots.

Short pips can get a lot of spin. A host of male/female pros use short pips and do fine, so the spin capability is there. And if you don't like to loop much, then you can work those smashes in on high/weak balls instead. They're also a bit easier to chop with due to the lowered spin sensitivity.

Thomas Bennborn is one you can look for youtube videos of. He plays the same combo at a high level.

I think LordCope makes good points, but they apply more to attacking SP players than choppers. If you have the mindset of chop/push everything back, aside from killing high floaters... then it's basically just classic defense with a slightly less spinny forehand.

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