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PostPosted: 09 Feb 2018, 08:21 
Kim Is My Shadow
Kim Is My Shadow
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Blade: Magic: Wand
FH: Confusion
BH: Paranoia
I have tried a lot of blades, even more short pips rubbers and lots and lots of inverted, plus the odd anti and medium pimple rubber. I can play for a day or a few weeks or a season or a few seasons with the same setup or a particular rubber. But putting on that "new sheet" of the latest super ace rubber, or wanting to get the feel of a new blade, it's a buzz, a thrill, a passion. It's like a fresh lick of paint on old wood, a new piece of table tennis equipment can hide a multitude of sins in my mind and my game... for a few minutes or if I'm lucky a few days.

Ultimately though, I keep finding myself coming back to an "old friend", or set of "friends". Right now, I've returned to my Andro SuperCore Carbon light Off+ blade, with Rakza 7 on my FH and TSP Spectol 21 on my backhand. Usually it's 802-40 I return to but this time, after reading someone else's post, I thought I put the Spectol 21 back on - I played with it for a season about 6 yrs ago. Reason I return to the same equipment is simple. After injury and despite coaching with double inverted, I'm trying to play my old style again - counter hitter. And I love the directness of the Andro blade especially suited to my SP's (the andro is fast and a bit flat so unforgiving but I can't have everything). I also like the all round ability of Rakza 7 and find it suits my FH slap style and the Spectol, well that gives me some control, especially for blocking and it can also be a weapon. Nothing in this setup is perfect but it is a very good package for me, my standard and my style.

So eventually, my questions are these. Do you keep returning to a particularly

- blade,
- FH and
- BH rubber and if so what is it and why?

Thank you


PostPosted: 09 Feb 2018, 13:22 
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Great topic Debater :up:
I play purely for a recreational purpose and it is so true even in my case – A Stellan Bengtsson Stiga All-round Classic with Dawei 2008 and Bomb Talent OX LP is the holy grail of all setups for me. Through buzz, thrill and passion I use and regularly experiment with 2 other good similar setups but they will never come close to my trusted old Stiga for feel and performance. It helps me to play with confidence whilst providing maximum enjoyment, fun and satisfaction - no matter what the result; a perfect package for me, my standard and my style. :D

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2018, 19:37 
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good topic.
i love my old defplay that has been cut down.it has a thin handle.
I also like my oldest sheet of best anti.
forehand is a work in progress but im back on the l catcher pips again.
other blades just feel too fast when under the cosh with powerfull players.
ive sold nearly all of my surplus blades now and only have a grubba pro and grubba variant to re try.

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 19:25 
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Blade: Darker Speed90 CP
FH: Prov H3
BH: Andro Beat
I like the topic. It's like asking "is there a girl you met in the past you could never forget. "

I fell in love with Darker Speed 90 at the first sight. Single ply hinoki + Tenergy on FH is purely amazing. The hinoki feel can never be described in words.

Despite jpen has become near extinct, i always come back to this hinoki setup just for fun.

Passionate about TT

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2018, 12:40 
003 Style Master
003 Style Master
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Blade: Donic Waldner Senso V1
FH: Joola Rhyzm 425
BH: Donic Baracuda Big Slam
Several years ago I was recommended the Appelgren Allplay by forum member foam on a thread here somewhere which I duly purchased. Since then I've had seasons with Yasaka Extra, Stiga Allround Evolution, N11 and Tibhar Lebesson but keep coming back to the Appelgren. I've sold the original flared one and bought Anatomic but it plays the same. It has enough speed and the softness and feel that I like or at least have become accustomed to.

I'm happy to try a new rubber every 12 months and as evidenced above and occasionally get tempted to buy a new blade, but....I keep coming back to the Appelgren. In fact I've sold all others bar the Extra.

Sent from my SM-T210 using Tapatalk

Donic Waldner Senso V1,FH Joola Rhyzm 425 2.0mm ,BH Donic Baracuda Big Slam 2.0mm

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2018, 03:16 
Sitting on Defence
Sitting on Defence
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Blade: Victas K.M.
FH: VS>401 2.0mm
BH: Dtecs 0.5mm
Yeah, my current kit (listed in sig). I've been unfaithful here and there over the past couple of years, but any gains I seem to make are accompanied by losses in other areas. Very solid setup all around for my current level.

I am tempted, however, to see if I could get away with 1.8mm sponge on the forehand.

Oh boy, here we go...

Grab a free copy of the only training and nutrition guide written specifically for the table tennis athlete: The Table Tennis Player's Guide to Health and Fitness.
Feel free to PM me with any health, training, or nutrition questions :)

Kit: Victas Koji Matsushita | Victas VS > 401 2.0mm | Dtecs O.5mm

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