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Author:  Beerzy [ 25 Dec 2018, 11:34 ]
Post subject:  Which Table

Greetings all. I'm wanting to teach my kids how to play table tennis and currently debating on two tables to buy. I had a cheap barroom ping pong table as a kid in my dads garage and have played on and off ever since. I recently picked up a new paddle to play at a friends house and was surprised how interested my kids were. My son is 5 and my daughter is 7. Anyways, my budget is about $500 and I am a little torn between two tables. Honestly, I think either table will be great but i wanted to run it by you guys.

The first table I found on Sears is the Joola DX30 World Cup. $449 shipped to my door.

https://www.sears.com/joola-world-cup-d ... ockType=G1

The second table is new but it's an Amazon return that a local guy purchased from an Amazon lot sale, Butterfly centerfold 25. It has damage on a corner but it doesn't affect the flat part on top and it has some scratches on a cross tube on the bottom. He had it listed for $750 earlier today and just dropped the price to $699. I told him I wouldn't do much more than $500 and he offered it at $600. Not sure I really need to spend this much on the table but it would be nice.


Anyways, I'm interested in getting back into playing more often and having fun with my kids.



Author:  iskandar taib [ 26 Dec 2018, 03:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

The Donic table seems to be a steal at $500. 30mm top, looks VERY sturdy, and is a two piece table. Generally rollaway tables come in two sorts - two piece and one piece. The Butterfly is a 1 piece. I'd argue that 2 piece tables are easier to move, store and set up. One person can move and set up the table, while with one piece tables it often takes two people. They're also perhaps a little less dangerous - when I was in school there was an article in the newspaper about some kid who got killed (or badly injured - can't remember which) when he climbed up in the middle of a one piece folding table. The Butterfly is normally a $2000 table, by the way (looked it up on Amazon).

Incidentally, there are quite a few videos like this one on YouTube. It would be QUITE useful if you live near one of those liquidation warehouse centers around the US... save a lot on shipping, especially if you have a pickup truck or van, or access to one.


Author:  Beerzy [ 26 Dec 2018, 04:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

Thanks for the reply. I had interest in the Butterfly mainly because of the price it's being offered at but ultimately I think the Joola table will be the best fit. Just placed my order. It is scheduled for deliver on January 12.

Author:  nathanso [ 26 Dec 2018, 06:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

That Joola table sells for considerably more elsewhere: https://www.tabletennisstore.us/p-3095- ... t-set.aspx

But be aware that shipping table tennis tables -- especially heavy tournament-grade tables like this one -- is fraught with risk. It's not uncommon for them to be damaged in transit by careless shippers not familiar with the nature of the cargo. I saw a review by another Sears customer of that same table that his arrived damaged and Sears refused to repair it (Sears recently filed for bankruptcy, and Joola just sold their business to a US-based firm).

Author:  Beerzy [ 26 Dec 2018, 06:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

I did see a few negative comments about damaged tables and poor customer service. At checkout there where instructions on what the shippers can and cannot do. One of the things that I read during checkout is to have the shippers unbox it and inspect the table for damage. I would imagine at that point I could refuse delivery of it. We'll see.

Author:  iskandar taib [ 26 Dec 2018, 13:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

Given this, and the hassle involved in returning the item/waiting for a replacement, I'd be willing to cut them slack as long as the damage is restricted to minor dings and scratches on the underside or undercarriage. As long as the top surface, corners and edges are OK and the table assembles straight and functions as it should.


Author:  Beerzy [ 26 Dec 2018, 13:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

I agree with this 100%. As long as the top is true and easily made level then I'll be a happy camper. I wouldn't send it back for some scuffs and scraps.

I'll post up some pics when I get it setup. Both of my kids have been asking to play for two days now. :)

Author:  Ranger-man [ 27 Dec 2018, 03:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

The Butterfly is available for 1600 on Killerspin. having said that Butterfly equipment is always more expensive. They charge a substantial premium compared to other brands just like Apple does. I would buy the Joola also because it is a 1.25 inch top while the Butterfly is a 1 inch top. And the frame is the same on both, more or less. Both use 2 inch square pipes so the Joola is equally strong and study.
Hope you enjoy your purchase!

Author:  Beerzy [ 13 Jan 2019, 15:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

After some issues with customer service we decided to cancel our order for the World Cup table. We drove an hour to the nearest Sears store and bought a Joola Signature that was in stock. It is pretty similar to the Tour 2500 but there are some differences. The Signature has 4 casters and the 2500 has 8. Both sides of the Signature fold into the middle onto one lower frame. The 2500 is two separate pieces. Other than that, and the paint, I guess they are pretty much the same table top.

After I got the table home and unboxed, one of the under table supports, a 1"x2" piece that is attached by 8 screws was completely pulled out of the bottom of the table. I cleaned out the holes and just touched them up with a second dab of wood filler. I'll sand them down in the morning and it'll be good as new. Other than that, two of the legs were scratched through the paint down to bare metal. I'll touch those up but it's not a concern.

Kids are pretty excited. My 7 year old daughter is really looking forward to playing.

Next up is an Ipong robot unless anyone has ideas for a better bot at the same price point?

Author:  nathanso [ 13 Jan 2019, 15:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

Congrats on the new table and on your handyman skills that made it a win. As for the robot, any robot that lacks a catch net to recycle balls will quickly fall from use as it will be far too labor-intensive to keep filled. Even a 'bot with a proper net has usability issues due to the balls that invariably miss the net, too soon causing the fun to stop and the dreary ball pick-up routine to start.

Author:  iskandar taib [ 14 Jan 2019, 02:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Which Table

If you get the I-Pong get the net, too. AND get the battery pack (it takes, IIRC, six AA cells, get some Eneloops and you'll be all set. Unless, of course, you have a power outlet conveniently placed, or don't mind long extension cords. The box will allow you to take the robot to Uncle Ed's house for fun with the cousins, even if you have power sorted out at home.) The net has a drain hole, put a box or bucket under it and all the balls that end up in the net will end up in the box. You'll find that there will be balls all over the room, whether or not your robot has a net, or a recycling mechanism.

Whatever you do, make a ball picker-upper to save your back :lol: ... easy to make out of a gallon bucket or (empty) paint can, a stick, a couple screws and some weed whacker line.


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