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Your thoughts on more choices on rubber colour
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Author:  igorponger [ 08 Jul 2019, 23:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your thoughts on more choices on rubber colour

ziv wrote:
igorponger wrote:
Just a few specific colors would be allowed for professional play.
ITTF will determine the best optimal colours after 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Be happy/

JFYI: The picture that Igor posted comes from a USSR book on table tennis competition rules printed in 1975 and has nothing to do with the latest change in rules. :)

It is a rear page Table Tennis Rules 1971. That time I was a puppy 15 yo. and young tt umpire. Oh, would I were a bonny again. Alas, we all shall pass away soon. ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

Author:  iskandar taib [ 09 Jul 2019, 01:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your thoughts on more choices on rubber colour

So the colors won't be available for non-professional play? :lol: Conclusion: It did pass, and we'll be seeing colors other than red and black in the future.

Before the two color rule (don't remember the year it passed - early 1980s or very late 1970s IIRC) there were NO rules whatsoever about the color of the racket - you could use any color you wanted. Any shade of purple, green, blue, gold (aforementioned Yasaka Tornado had a really beautiful, honey colored transparent topsheet) - and you found all sorts of colors on the cheap bats you found in Chinese bookstores. For expensive rubbers, it was mostly red, with a few green and blue sheets here and there (I've heard that Mark V was sometimes available in green). The first Chinese sheets to appear in the US (729) were this weird, plum-purple color. Black sheets (at least in the early sponge age) were really rare - Butterfly Tackiness was one of the first I remember, there was also something called Yasaka Black Power (this had a really awful blurb on the back), and I think they started to appear because long pips players wanted two sheets of black, so it would be less obvious which sheet was in play. You could have more shades of red than of black, apparently.


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