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PostPosted: 28 Jul 2016, 15:18 
Dark Knight
Dark Knight
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I think the one thing that we might be overlooking here, is that these players may have spent years optimising their style and strokes for this type of equipment, so despite the absense of a 'proper' bat, they might actually be really good players, and probably deserve to win some of these matches.
I agree with the strategies suggested above, but if the player is indeed good and experienced, they've no doubt come across this before, and will likely have ways to counter it. It's still worth trying it though, as it's an inherent weakness of the equipment, so it's worth trying to take advantage off.

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PostPosted: 31 Jul 2016, 11:09 
Rambo Looper Spin First Ask Questions Later
Rambo Looper Spin First Ask Questions Later
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When someone is at average club level and sometimes up to 2 levels above, playing vs an ave club level player who uses such a setup can be fun LULZ.

They can make awkward attacks and trouble you just by staying consistent, plus the threat of their awkward hits makes you wary of playing safe, which nudges you to go for shots you are not yet capable of landing at high percentage with quality. That is what they do and how they roll.

You fight them with no spin and spin, really really heavy overwhelming spin. You fight them with varied serves, they still gotta read underspin, so give it to them heavy and short and sudden, then give them real low no spin, you will get long balls to attack with power or heavy spin, you are in drivers seat on serve . On receive, just keep it as low and as deep as you can, placement on endline is great, but number one pririty is to land it safe and as low and as deep as you dare and still be safe. Go for their body. If you can keep it low and deep, give it to them wide in their strong side, they will struggle to make a real fast attack consistent. You will have time to see the ball and move into position for a FH power shot.

DO NOT try to push long, get a ball back to BH and open loop with BH, even if you have a great BH opening spinny loop like I got. You will misread spin, and also you got too much time to track the ball while stationary, that screws with your timing. You will make more errors than winners. Serve short, low, and to the BH side off the table if you want a ball to open up spinny on BH.

They can be tough as you read their no spin as underspin and try to play too cute and pop up and hit out. Do not give them high balls, they are usually good finishers while in or out of position on those. read their no spin correctly, try to juke them out a few times on receive, aim one way and go the other softly and low, break their ankles with that if you can.

If their serves are long and you can read them (usually pretty light spin or no spin) go for a heavy opener and if you read it right, you can FH powerloop away from them.

You try to play and react in the same manner as they got inverted, you are screwed. If they play a soft shot with soft hand grip pressure, you need to be able to detect the change in sound and move in. You will try to attack a ball too far deep away and will reach - then hit an error.

Play smart, keep it low, be ready to spin and change it up on serves. Sometimes go deep and fast. you have a lot of ways to defeat them and they only have a few (even if they are real good at them) you just need to slow down, play smarter with a plan (several) and be brave.

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